What’s it like to be a rep in Ayia Napa?

So you’re a bit curious about what it takes to be a rep in Ayia Napa? You might have met some reps working last summer, or maybe you just fancy some insider knowledge? Here are some insights from our reps on their guide to Ayia Napa.

faye Rep in Ayia Napa

Faye – Resort Manager

Faye worked as a rep in Malia first, before becoming a rep manager in Ayia Napa. here’s what she has to say about the experience:

Giving Back

Among the many perks to working for Party Hard, by far the best is giving people the best week of their lives. You’re working hard to give them a great time and the pay off is amazing. Seeing everyone’s smiling photos, raving reviews and general friendliness in the resort is always the best. Once you work as a rep, you get to see all the work that goes into it and have a better appreciation for the whole thing. 

Plenty to Learn

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Before the season even started, we all flew out and received some training at an all-inclusive hotel. It’s always a good sign when you’re treated well from the get go. We got to learn about brand and sales training, resort specific training and team building exercises. It was a chance to bond with and get to know all the other staff members. Really important to be open and welcoming as these will be your lifeline throughout the summer. Whether you need favours or just a homesick hug, we’re all in it together! You’ll naturally all get along I think. You’re all here to have fun too after all.

I found the training really useful to understand the brand values and the importance of giving people “the best week of their lives”. We don’t want to be yet another scam company with false promises. Everyone does all that they can to live up to our promise. So as well as a holiday abroad, you’re also learning really useful skills for future career progression. Definitely the most fun way to get experience.


At the end of the season we were all gifted with trips to Ibiza where we could stay at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel! We also got to go to Magaluf for a reunion party. It was just so nice to unwind after a long summer with everyone. You feel valued and cared for by the company too. All our hard work had been recognised and rewarded and it really was the cherry on top. We also got to meet the management team at this party which was a great way to feel involved. It’s another thing I love about the company – everyone is so close. 


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So you might have some long hours if there’s a big event on, and you might be sweating bullets but just remember to enjoy yourself! You’ve got the whole team with you so if you need help, just ask. No-one wants anyone to be miserable when they don’t need to be. Yes, you’ve got a job to do but you can still have fun. Treat yourself on your time off, have a little dance at an event or a cheeky drink. Just make sure you’re not overdoing it with drinking. It might be tempting to get into the spirit but then you’ll be lumped with a hangover the next day when you’ve got things to do. Everyone usually brings water with them and stays hydrated throughout the day/night so you’re prepared for anything.

Not a Babysitter

Although you’re there to help anyone in need, just remember you’re not their babysitter! Most of the time, everyone is perfectly fine left to their own devices and they’ll know how to have fun. Have faith in them and just try to enjoy yourself. People will come to you if they need any help with anything so don’t worry about checking up every 5 mins. At events you’ll be able to see if everyone’s vibing so you can just focus on any tasks you need to do. With everyone being 18 or older, you’re all adults now and for some people, this is their first holiday away. It’s their chance to explore some independence and have a laugh! You’re there to check no disasters will happen, not to check if everyone has toothpaste. 

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