Party Hard TV

What better way to get an insight into a party holiday than to watch videos of people who have been before. This is why we are excited to bring you Party Hard TV. Over the years we have taken thousands of you on holiday – including some well known names from the YouTube scene. We’ve put together the best of the best below. Take a look and see what makes us the best selling event package in Europe! Don’t forget you can get huge discounts on our Ultimate Events Package when you book your holiday through us too.

PHTV 2020

The Party Hard Experience

We caught up with the influencers on their holidays to ask them all things Party Hard including their most memorable experience as well as their thoughts on Party Hard holidays overall. Take a look at what some of them had to say below.

Anastasia Kingsnorth

Anastasia took a trip with us to Kavos, Corfu in the Summer of 2020. Not even COVID-19 was going to stop her from coming away with us. There were a few changes to our normal events to ensure everyone stuck to local measures. Take a look at what she got up to below for PHTV.

Haz Chadwick

Haz also came with us to Kavos this year and VLOG’d the whole thing for Party Hard TV! Who said COVID-19 had to ruin Summer? Check out how her and Anastasia kept to guidelines whilst having the time of their lives’ below. In fact Haz enjoyed it that much, she booked to go again as soon as she got home.

Jasmine Clough

One half of the Clough sisters, Jasmine has been coming on holiday with us since 2018. Since her very first holiday to Malia Jasmine has been coming back time and time again. Her and her sister Sophie have been to almost all of our destinations! 2020 saw her and Sophie visit Zante, take a look at Jasmines’ VLOG for Party Hard TV.

Sophie Clough

The other half to the Clough sisters – coming in next with her Zante VLOG is Sophie Clough. Sophie has been to pretty much all of our destinations too, her most recent venture being Zante. Find out what her and her sister got up to and their trip for Party Hard TV.

PHTV 2019

Ibiza Trip

This wouldn’t be Party Hard TV without a shameless plug from us. So to kick start our videos from 2019 we bring you a little snippet from our closing parties in Ibiza.

Jasmine & Sophie Clough

As we mentioned, Jasmine is a seasoned party holidayer (yes it is a word). Back in 2019 her and Sophie visited both Kavos and Napa one after the other. That is what we call dedication! And as if that wasn’t enough they also came with us to Magaluf too! They documented it all for Party Hard TV of course, so you can binge on the content. Warning, the following VLOGs may contain messiness!

We’d also thought we’d include a little video from Jasmine highlighting the dos and don’ts of any party holiday. Coming from someone of her experience, we’d definitely give it a watch!

Faris Rai

Faris brings you one of the original videos for Party Hard TV. He flew out to Ayia Napa and decided to document what his week was like. Add a few interviews here and there and you have the perfect video for getting a feel of what a Party Hard holiday is really all about!

PHTV 2018

Mariam Musa

Mariam joined us back in 2018 for one of our very first influencer trips to Ibiza documenting her experience for Party Hard TV. If you’re looking to go to Ibiza it really is a no brainer to get an event package. Take a look what went down on Mariam’s trip below.

CheekySport Joel

Anyone who’s into sports and banter would’ve definitely heard of the YouTube channel CheekySport, as well as the man behind it, Joel. Not only did he joing us in Ibiza in 2018 but he also came along to Ayia Napa too. Recording all the best bits for Party Hard TV of course. Check out both the VLOGs here.


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