Magaluf or Ibiza? A Party Hard Travel Guide

Magaluf and Ibiza are two of the biggest party destinations in Europe, attracting thousands of party goers every year. But which one is better? There are plenty of similarities, both are on islands and are infamous for their nightlife, but in other ways these two places could not be more different! We’re here to help you decide which one is right for your party holiday!

Nightlife: Magaluf

Magaluf is just one of the towns on the island of Mallorca, however it is without a doubt the best place for a party! With over fifty bars and five nightclubs, there are plenty of amazing options to enjoy when it comes to nightlife. Plus, they are all closeby. Be warned though, Magaluf does have somewhat of a notorious reputation, so get ready to party hard whilst also keeping safe!

Nightlife: Ibiza

Ibiza is known as the clubbing capital of the world for a reason! With 14 major clubs, as well as dozens of smaller ones, and god knows how many bars, the party spirit is the beating heart of Ibiza! However, Ibiza is an island so of course there are going to be a lot more clubs compared to a place like Magaluf, plus the clubs are in different towns. The main party towns are Playa d’en Bossa, San Antonio and Ibiza Town, and they require a bit of travelling to get between each one. It is important to keep this in mind when choosing a base for your party holiday, depending how close you want to be to the nightlife! 

Nightlife Winner: Ibiza or Magaluf?

Ibiza obviously has a lot more to offer when it comes to nightlife, however bigger doesn’t always necessarily mean better!  If you’re looking for a smaller area to explore, Magaluf is a much better option. All depends on what you are looking for though, so we’ll say that this category is a tie.

Music: Magaluf

The music in Magaluf is extremely diverse, so the genre can depend on the venue. As a rule, house and dance music are the beats you are most likely to hear in the clubs. However, there will be plenty of cheesy classics being butchered in the karaoke bars down the strip (if that’s your sort of thing)! 

Music: Ibiza

Music is the beating heart of Ibiza, and one of the main reasons it attracts so many tourists each year! The island policy is that 80% of music is electronic, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other genres to enjoy. In recent years, Latin and Urban have become increasingly popular here. 

Music Winner: Ibiza

Ibiza is world-famous for its iconic music scene, so it obviously wins this category!

Magaluf Events

You just can’y deny that Magaluf has so many amazing events to offer. Pool parties, booze cruises, club nights and more! Just make sure that you book before you travel or purchase an events package to avoid disappointment. 

Ibiza Events

Ibiza is home to some of the biggest music events in the world, so you know that they are going to be epic! There’s a chance that you could see some of the biggest names in music perform, so remember to do your research so you don’t miss out. 

Events Winner: Magaluf or Ibiza?

It’s a tie! Both these destinations have some of the best events in Europe, We recommend booking the events package for either place using Cheap Party Holidays & Event Packages 2024 | Party Hard Travel. This grants you access to booze cruises, pool parties and more!


Magaluf Hotels

You are more likely to get a better bang for your buck in Magaluf when it comes to hotels. It has accommodation to suit all budgets, from the luxury of places like Innside Calvia Beach, to the party vibe of Sotavento Club Apartments, even cheaper  hotels like HSM Don Juan have so much to offer! Plus, most hotels in Magaluf are never too far from the nightlife and the beach! 

Ibiza Hotels

Ibiza is home of some of the most iconic party hotels in Europe such as Ibiza Rocks and Usuaia Beach. However, these are quite pricey for what you are getting. If you have your heart set at staying in one of these, it’s completely understandable, they are iconic for a reason! However there are other more budget friendly options for those who want to save pennies when it comes to finding a place to sleep. As was mentioned earlier, location in Ibiza is everything, so if you are looking for a hotel near the action, then make sure you research before you book.  

Hotels Winner: Magaluf or Ibiza?

Tie – only you know what you want out of a hotel on your party holiday! If you want to browse your options, why not check out Cheap Party Holidays & Event Packages 2024 | Party Hard Travel

Party Holiday Price: Magaluf

Reasonably priced, but it all depends on what you are there to do! If you are going to spend money on VIP tables and €100 bottles of cava, then it is obviously going to be more expensive. However if you are sensible, your money can go a lot further here than it can in Ibiza. Often, drinks in Magaluf are cheaper than they would be back home, with it costing from €1 – €2.50 for a beer, and spirits with a mixer being €3 – €5.

Party Holiday Price: Ibiza

Ibiza is known for being expensive, so it’s always best to incorporate the cost of booze on food on top of the initial cost of your holiday! Alcoholic drinks in bars and clubs can cost a small fortune, so make sure you research places where the prices aren’t too crazy. We recommend doing all your drinking at pres with supplies bought from local convenience stores or supermarkets to save a few pennies!

Party Holiday Price Winner: Magaluf!

Magaluf without a doubt is cheaper!

Things To Do: Magaluf

There’s plenty of fun to be had in Magaluf during the day as well as the night! From crazy waterparks, the sandy beach and wild pool parties! Just make sure you’re not too hungover that you miss out!

Things To Do: Ibiza

The daytime offerings in Ibiza are very similar to Magaluf! Beach clubs, boat tours, watersports and more!

Things To Do Winner: Magaluf or Ibiza?

It’s a tie! Both destinations have so many amazing things to do, how could we pick between them?


Both destinations are so unique, it’s wrong to even compare them really as they both have such unique vibes. We recommend choosing the destination that suits your tastes and budget best. No matter if you choose Magaluf or Ibiza you know that your party holiday won’t be one you’ll forget!


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