Holiday Booking Tips from Party Hard Travel

Our 5 Top Holiday Booking Tips

We know booking your holiday or even your events can be extremely stressful. Getting the group to decide on what’s best is a task in itself. We’ve put together this quick and easy top tips guide to ensure you don’t get stung when it comes to booking. Take 5 mins to give it a read and make sure you know what you’re booking.

Know What Financial Protection Really Means

When you buy from a travel company you’re giving money to ensure you can go on holiday. So if anything were to happen to the company and your holiday could not go ahead it’s only right you get your money back. That’s where legal money protection comes in. All travel companies must be a part of some sort of money protection scheme (such as ATOL) which means your money is legally protected. ALWAYS ask for an ATOL, ABTA, TTA number or equivalent – if the company can’t give you a membership number for a financial protection scheme then your holiday money is not actually financially protected. 

Decide When You Want To Go

Now this might sound like an obvious one but we just want you to bear in mind that different times in the season can be a little different. If you’re looking to secure a cracking deal then the beginning or end of season usually has the best deals as these times are quieter. But if you’re looking for the busiest times to go then July is definitely the best time to go but you will just have to pay a little bit more! Decide in your group what works best for everyone and go from there. This is definitely one of our top holiday booking tips!

Figure Out A Budget

Again, this might seem like an obvious one – but being realistic with your budget will help manage expectations. For example if you want to stay in Ushuaia Hotel in Ibiza for a week on a £300-£400 per person budget, well, it’s just not going to happen. But a week in Kavos or Malia with a £400 per person budget is looking a bit more possible. So figure out how much everyone is willing to spend and go from there.


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