Magaluf Clubbing Guide 2019

Magaluf has been a staple destination for party holidays for many years; and it’s easy to see why. It’s once less than desirable reputation is being turned around with every season that passes. The Magaluf nightlife starts early and finishes early, you’ll never run out of places to drink at while you’re there. The Magaluf strip does not disappoint with choice, it starts near BH Mallorca and runs all the way down to the beach, splitting off at multiple points along the way. There’s always an event going on every night in one of the many clubs dotted around the place. With everything from karaoke bars, to sports bars, to all bars in between, the Magaluf nightlife has something for everyone! And when the night is over, trek into Burger King, McDonald’s, or local kebab shop to pick up that midnight meal you’ve been craving all night.

Magaluf Bar Guide


  • Stereo Bar
    • One of the newer bars to join the Magaluf nightlife, this stylish bar is hard to miss with it’s neon lights and sleek design. With a generous outdoor area overlooking the top of the strip, this is the perfect place to soak up the warm nights and people watch. After a few drinks, the stripper’s pole in the middle of the dancefloor might become tempting; give in and have a swing!
  • Alex’s
    • Unlike other bars on the Magaluf strip, Alex’s is actually a collection of bars dominating a corner of the strip parallel to the beach. Each bar represents a different genre of music, there’s R&B, Party Zone, Indie, and the Lounge, which plays current pop and chart hits. With this much choice, there’s something for everyone, so you can’t go wrong!
  • EastEnders’s Bar
    • A popular choice for British tourists (as the name suggests), this bar has been hailed the best karaoke spot in Magaluf, and we can see why! During the day they serve a mean English Breakfast to cure any hangover, and as the night falls, the neon lights come on and the dancefloor lights up. No one is safe from the captivating atmosphere EastEnder’s Bar holds and you will end up singing a ballad or two, we guarantee it!    

Magaluf Restaurants


  • Tom Brown’s
    • Somewhat of an icon in Magaluf, Tom Brown’s is everyone’s favourite place to grab some quality British grub for a quality price! Located at the top of the strip, this restaurant doubles as a bar when the sun sets, so after you’ve finished your fish and chips, stay for a drink or two before hitting the town!
  • Pirate’s Beach Bar and Grill
    • Situated right on the Magaluf beach, Pirate’s Beach Bar and Grill is the place to go if you’re craving a hearty burger or baby back ribs. Specialising in American BBQ food, Pirate’s Beach Bar and Chill is a great spot to grab a bite after a day at the beach.
  • Bondi Beach
    • Located directly on the beachfront, Bondi Beach is one of the many restaurants and bars to choose from on the Magaluf shore. With a hot plate at every table, customers have the option to grill their own steak to their personal preference! With good vibes and chill music, Bondi Beach is a relaxing choice for the Magaluf beach.

Magaluf Daytime Activities


While we got your nights and most of your days sorted with the events package out in Magaluf, you still have a few spare hours of sunshine to fill your week to explore the island!

  • Beach Watersports
    • Playa de Magaluf is the main beach at Magaluf. Spend your days working on your tan or get involved in some of the watersports they have to offer! They have everything from water skiing, jet skiing, banana riding, pedal boats, and paragliding, so there’s something for everyone!
  • Katmandu
    • If you’re down for something a little different, check out Katmandu Theme Park! With a huge mini golf course and carnival rides, this park is a great alternative to an average beach holiday!
  • Western Waterpark
    • Is there anyone that doesn’t like waterslides?? Relive your childhood at this resort as you soak up the sun while racing your friends down the many slides the park has to offer!

Magaluf Music Scene


Magaluf has an extensive variety of music genres across the island. You’ll find everything from tencho/D&B in the big clubs like BCM, to cheesy classics in karaoke bars on the strip! BH Mallorca is home to the island’s biggest pool parties and live DJ performances, with vibrant sounds of summer filling the hotel nearly 24/7! No matter where you spend your days and nights, Magaluf will be providing you with only the best summer tunes to accompany your 2019 holiday! Click here to listen to our Magaluf 2018 spotify playlist.