Best Bars in Magaluf: A Party Hard Guide

The complete guide to all the bars and pubs you need to visit on your trip to Magaluf!

Outside of Tiger Tiger Club Magaluf

Tiger Tiger

Popular in England, Tiger Tiger has made its way to Magaluf. Opposite Alex’s bar, this fresh and stylish bar has a state of the art light and sound system. All of this makes Tiger Tiger one of the most popular places in the whole of Magaluf! 

The atmosphere is more like a nightclub with the house DJ providing the latest hits to a packed dance floor! Tiger Tiger is a great choice for a party that’s not as full on as the bigger clubs.

Tiger Tiger is open every day throughout the night

Temple Club Bar, Magaluf


If you’re a fan of Studio, then you’ll love their second venue, Temple. Temple is a chilled out bar/lounge with an open air terrace. Might be the best place to wind down after a hectic night, or to just soak up the Maga atmosphere.

Music at Temple ranges from chilled-out electronic to more commercial hits that everyone knows and loves. And what could be more chilled out than a selection of frozen cocktails and daiquiris. Chill out on the terrace and watch the night unfold.

Temple is open every day until 10am to 4am

Entrance to Alex's Bar Magaluf


If you’ve never been to Magaluf, then you’ll want to visit Alex’s at some point! Over the last 25 years, Alex’s Bar has become popular amongst tourists and it isn’t hard to see why! 

Overall, there is actually a family of 4 venues localised on one street! The Lounge serves as the chilled out house music venue however there’s also Alex’s RnB, Alex’s Indie Bar, and the latest addition, Alex’s Party Bar where anything goes. There is also has a sports bar virtually over the road from the main lounge, where you can catch all of the big sporting events, all while having a nice cold pint. They have all bases covered here so you might as well try a few out.

Alex’s is open every day from 10am to 4am

Outside of City Lights Bar Magaluf

City Lights

According to popular opinion, City Lights is one of the coolest bars in Magaluf; thanks to the bar’s refurbishment a couple of years ago. If you’re looking for a bar that’s a little more laid back, then this bar may be worth a shot!

If it’s hair of the dog you’re after then don’t worry, City Lights opens up at 11am. You can catch live football and other sports during the day before the music comes on at night. A great option for a break from the craziness of the strip.

City Lights is open every day from 11am to 4am

Coco Bongos Bar Magaluf

Coco Bongos

Near BH Mallorca, Coco Bongos is a bar that sees a lot of guests throughout the day. Crowds of party goers come to start the night off with a few cocktails and shots before hitting the strip!

During the day, Coco Bongos is still very popular for cooking up some fire in the kitchen. Whether it’s a Full English for breakfast or a juicy burger at dinnertime, Coco Bongos have you covered!

Coco Bongos is open every day from 8am to 4am

Outside of Coyote Ugly Bar Magaluf

Coyote Ugly

If you’ve ever seen Coyote Ugly, you’ll know to expect stunning servers, cocktails flowing and karaoke all night long. This is always a popular destination for hen parties and girl groups.

For group bookings, you can get a drinks reception, complimentary drinks and a private karaoke booth. Sing to your heart’s content without anyone getting in your way! If you love a bit of karaoke, this is the place for you.

Coyote Ugly is open every day from 8pm to 2am

Sign at Eastenders Bar Magaluf


Eastenders has gone Balearic! Round the corner from the strip, Eastenders is a family-run pub that’s been up and running for over 30 years! You’re guaranteed to find friendly staff serving up food and drink all day and all night long.

Eastenders open early doors to serve holiday goers a fantastic breakfast, one of the best on the strip for sure. You can even treat yourself to a classic carvery on Sundays! Once the night rolls around, Eastenders transforms into a lively bar with none other than karaoke. If you’re looking to bust out some cheesy tunes then Eastenders bar is definitely the place to do just that!

Eastenders Bar is open everyday from 9am to 4am

Entrance to Face'sBar Magaluf


One of the newest Magaluf bars, Faces is named after the famous Faces nightclub in Essex! This stylish and sleek bar is a great place to kick off your night.

On top of Boomerang, Faces is a pre-club bar where you can have a couple of drinks before heading downstairs. As a smaller bar with a huge atmosphere, Faces is definitely worth the visit.

Faces is open every day from 7pm to 4am

Stage and Poles at Honey's Lap Dancing Club Magaluf


Would it really be a clubbing holiday experience without at least one visit to a Lap Dance club? Found in the main strip, Honey’s is great for a break from the madness of the Maga strip! As the largest Gentlemen’s Club in Magaluf, it’s naturally a hotspot for stag/hen parties looking for a laugh. 

Everyone is welcome! Sipping on cocktails in style with drinks flowing until 6am. Plus, with free entry included on the Magaluf Club Pass, there’s no reason not to give it a go.

Honeys is open every day from 11pm to 6am

Joker's Club Magaluf

Jokers Club

Next to Coco Bongos, this open air bar is the perfect place to sink a few before hitting the clubs.

Opening up nice and early, this bar serves up an incredible Full English breakfast along with other English favourites. Later on, Jokers is no stranger to drinks deals for groups, making it the perfect place to start the night. You can also catch the big sporting events here, rounding off Jokers Club as a real Jack of all trades.

Jokers Club is open every day from 9am to 4am

Outside of Lush Bar Magaluf


Another new addition to the strip, Lush has still become a popular spot for pre-drinks before hitting the clubs. Across the road from Boomerang, this Northern-run bar makes sure you have a great time during your stay!

Known for their great drinks and amazing deals, go all out on free shots and stunning homemade cocktails. Lush is a decent place to kick off your night and save a few pennies for pre-drinks.

Lush is open every day from 12pm to 4am

Outside of Magalluf Rocks Bar Magaluf

Magalluf Rocks

Magalluf Rocks is located on the main strip in the heart of Magaluf. As one of the most iconic bars in town, it’s cemented itself as one of the most popular meetup points. That also goes for including being a top starting point for stag and hen do’s!

Magalluf Rocks has an extensive cocktail menu for you to sample, from classic cocktails to special deals for big groups. The resident DJs play all of the latest hits to make sure you’re dancing your heart out.

Magalluf Rocks is open from 9:30pm to 4am

Live Action at Mambos Terrace Magaluf


In the heart of the strip, Mambo’s prides itself on being Magaluf’s largest outdoor party venue. Expect large crowds of people all looking for a night to remember. Opening up in the afternoon, this is the perfect place to soak up the sun before another crazy night out.

All of the big sporting events are screened here, so you’re in for a fun and lively atmosphere. Due to Covid, if you’re looking to visit in your own time, you’ll need to book a table. Just follow this link to book! Mambo’s is one of the stops included in our Summerfest event on our Ultimate Events Package. You can expect top DJ sets, amazing performers and a summer rave to remember.

Mambo’s is open every day from 2pm to 4am

Outside of Mr Myagi's Bar Magaluf

Mr Miyagi’s

Named after the Karate Kid sensei, this Oriental themed bar is one of the newest bars in Magaluf. Opening in 2019, it’s already become popular, seeing as it’s moments away from all the action of the strip.

Mr. Miyagi’s is also host to live sports throughout the day. So whether you fancy a pint for the footie or a cocktail at pre-drinks then stop by!

Mr Miyagi’s is open every day from 11am to 10:30pm

Outside of Panama Jack Club Magaluf

Panama Jack

Across from BCM, Panama Jack is a lively bar that will see you through to the next morning. Whether it’s pre or post club drinks, you can expect Panama Jack to have your back!

You’re likely to find a whole mix of different music but mainly Latin music, RnB and Hip Hop. Panama Jack is a great way to start the night with a homemade cocktails and drinks deals for everyone.

Panama jack is open every day from 10pm to 6am

Pirates Adventure Dinner Show Magaluf

Pirates’ Arena

Pirates Arena can be found across from the mini roundabout on Cami Porassa, just a couple of minutes away from the main strip and is a pirate themed theater and restaurant! Here, you can enjoy a Meditteraenean meal with an amazing show. This is by far the most unique place to visit in the resort.

The Pirates Arena hosts a variety of events, including 18+ shows like “Pirates Reloaded”. This action packed night full of acrobatic performances and a festival-like experience to remember! If you’ve booked our Ultimate Events Package, you’ll have the chance to visit for “Gringos Bingo”. Think bingo meets a rave – definitely one to make everyone at home jealous.

The Pirates Arena opening times are subject to the events themselves

Daytime Outside The Plaza Magaluf

The Plaza

Opening up a little later in the evening, The Plaza is one of the best pre-club bars on the strip. With live music and special offers on drinks all night long, you’ll definitely want to give this place a look.

Friendly staff welcome guests with open arms for a fun time. Sip a wide variety of drinks ranging from wines, spirits and cocktails, and all for affordable prices. 

The Plaza is open every day from 10pm to 5:30am

Sinky's Scottish Pub Magaluf


Sinky’s is Magaluf’s prime Scottish pub/bar that caters to anyone and everyone. This place will feel like your home away from home with great drinks and amazing staff.

Hosting screenings of sporting events, this is the perfect place for some pub grub and a pint. It might also be a great pit stop to liven up the mood before hitting the clubs on the strip. 

Sinky’s is open every day from 12pm to 10:30pm

Stereo Bar Magaluf


Day or night, Stereo caters for anyone and everyone visiting the Magaluf strip. Opened in April 2013, it’s become the cornerstone of the new wave of nightlife in Magaluf. After a chilled out day watching the footy, Stereo transforms into one of the liveliest bars on the strip. 

Expect dance hits and drinks flowing all night and into the early hours of the next morning. Attracting a fun and lively crowd, you’ll always have a great time whenever you visit. If you’re unsure where to go for the night, Stereo is always a safe bet for a first-class night out.

Stereo is open every day from 10am to 4am

Zeppelin Live Music Bar Magaluf


Described as a hidden gem, Zeppelin is a live music bar that is a great way to start the night. The Zeppelin bar also has an outdoor terrace where you can relax and catch a glimpse of the sunset. 

The main attraction of this bar is of course the live music. Every night you can expect bands and artists to play, ranging anywhere from acoustic sets to Rock bands to Reggae! Settle in with a drink and have a laugh to start off your night the right way.

Zeppelin is open every day until 5pm to 2am

Mulligan's Irish Bar Magaluf


No clubbing holiday would be complete without a visit to an Irish bar! Mulligan’s is one of the first bars that you’ll come across on the strip and is known for having friendly staff sure to make you feel right at home. This bar is also a popular choice for groups, particularly stag and hen parties!

No clubbing holiday would be complete without a visit to an Irish bar! Mulligan’s is one of the first bars on the strip and is known for its friendly staff. This bar is also a popular choice for groups, particularly stag and hen parties!

Mulligan’s is open every day from 10am to 4am

Outside the Piano Bar Magaluf

Piano Bar

Calling all metal-heads, this little bar has built up a big reputation as the most dedicated Rock bar in Magaluf. Their policy on music spans across 6 decades of Rock n Roll, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Whether it’s your thing or not, this is a place to have a laugh and a cheap and cheerful drink.

The Piano Bar is stocked up to keep the night flowing, with plenty of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. From 9pm on Wednesdays to Fridays, it’s Karaoke night. Be prepared to bust out some of the Rock classics!

Piano bar is open every day from 10am to 4:30am

The Red Lion Bar Magaluf

The Red Lion

As the most popular pub name in the world, it’s no wonder there’s a Red Lion on the Magaluf strip. Surrounded by bright neon lights, this energetic pub is always a hit with passing tourists, especially stag and hen do’s.

If you’re visiting during the Euro’s, be sure to catch a screening of the final! During weekends, the pub gets especially busy so don’t be late. Why not even make a night of it by staying for a resident DJ set. No matter what, it’s just about letting your hair down and having a great time.

The Red Lion is open every day from 9am to 3:30am

Outside The Three Lions Karaoke Sport Bar Magaluf

The Three Lions

Any Englander can feel right at home at the Three Lions, especially this year. Providing a friendly atmosphere, the Three Lions is the perfect place to meet like-minded party goers.

Three Lions opens up for lunch and dinner, serving British classics as well as tasty Spanish dishes. Plus, live sports games are screened including football, rugby and much more. Why not make a night of it with deals on drinks and a bit of karaoke. A bit of cheese never hurt anyone.

The Three Lions is open every day from 10am to 4am


A lounge with a chilled out vibe might be what you need after a hot day under the sun. Watch the sunset from the terrace with a pizza and a cocktail before hitting the strip. What a great way to start the night.

Crystal’s Bar is a more chilled out bar on the strip. This is complemented by the selection of chilled and frozen drinks on offer – the daiquiris here are a fan favourite! Home to the Magaluf Boat Cruise after party, this is a great place to get you in the party spirit. 

Crystal’s is open

Mon-Thurs from 10am-5pm and 8pm-10:30pm

Friday-Sunday from 10am-5pm

JD Sports Lounge Magaluf

JD Sports Bar

In the heart of the Maga nightlife, JD Sports Lounge has taken the place of the beloved Jack Daniels Bar. Despite this, it’s a welcome addition to the strip and has a more relaxed vibe.

Beware though, the drinks here are anything but relaxed! Spirit and mixer drinks are served here as triples, and for a reasonable price too. Make sure you don’t get too excited with triples or else miss out on what the strip has to offer. There’s a terrace lounge where you can catch all of the major sporting events right here at the JD Lounge!

JD Sports Lounge is open every day, throughout the night

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