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Event Description

Saturday nights are guaranteed to be the messiest night of the week thanks to the Super Paint Party. You’re going to be starting the night out down at Quayside Village where you’ll meet the party hard reps before you head out with them to hit some of the best bars on the strip and play some games to get you all hyped up and ready to let loose in the paint arena. 

The paint party is down at Atlantis in a huge outdoor arena so what goes up must come down meaning you’re going to be covered head to toe in gallons of UV paint whilst listening to a whole mix of different songs from Stormzy to the macarena. Sounds like a weird combo but trust me this will be the most fun you’ll have all week!


What’s Included?
  • Free super paint party t-shirt
  • Pre drink event
  • Photographer
  • Entry to Atlantis
  • Resident host and DJs
What To Wear?

Your Super Paint Party t shirt of course! Feel free to release your inner gok wan with the tshirts, we’ve seen crop tops, vests and even a jacket made from a simple t-shirt! Nobody makes an effort for the paint party so girls tie your hair back and lads make sure to at least put some deodorant on!

Anything Else We Should Know?

Does the paint stain – No, the paint is very water based and washes off very easily. It may tint lighter coloured hair for a few days, but who doesn’t want to be that weirdo with 5 colours in their hair?

Hotels and Paint – Most of the hotels (understandably) don’t want paint covered sheets. As soon as the paint party is finished go back and shower and avoid touching anything in your room. You don’t want unnecessary charges from the hotel.

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