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Euros (€)



Flight Time

4.5 Hours

Arrival Airport

Larnaca Cyprus

Time Difference

+2 hours ahead

Overlooking Nissi Beach and Boats in the Harbour, Ayia Napa

Weather in Ayia Napa

Cyprus has around 340 days of sunshine a year, so blue skies are guaranteed! As a result, temperatures pick up as early as April, so it wouldn’t be unusual to see people down at the beach in their swimwear at Easter. During the main summer months, temperatures are over 30ºC and at times will be creeping towards 40ºC.

Holiday Makers at Nissi beach, Cyprus

When To Go To Ayia Napa

Do you want to party hard in Ayia Napa? The exciting events begin in June so if you want a good deal as well as starting your summer with a bang then choose the date today and get preparing for the party holiday of your life! Peak season in Ayia Napa is July. But, clubs and events are open between June and September. So if you’re looking to save some money, try June or September for your Ayia Napa clubbing holiday 2020.

Who wouldn’t want to be out on the islands maddest boat parties, having entry to the best clubs and enjoying hours of open bars? If you want to go when Napa is at its peak then book your clubbing holiday for July and unleash the party animal within you! Enjoy pure party paradise until the season ends in early September, but as the island never sleeps, lads and girls are always guaranteed a good time regardless of the time of year.

Holiday Makers at Nissi beach, Cyprus

Departure Airports

These are all the airports in the UK you can fly to Ayia Napa from with Jet2 for Summer 2022:

  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • East Midlands
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds Bradford
  • London Stansted
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
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Health and Safety

Before you head out to Cyprus, make sure you have adequate travel and medical insurance. Although it’s not a substitute for insurance, it is also a good idea to get yourself a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you head out to Ayia Napa. It potentially entitles you to any medical treatment should it be necessary during your trip (whilst Great Britain is part of the EU) so don’t forget it when you’re packing. It’s worth noting that the EHIC will not cover you if you require ongoing medical treatment, so if you take medication long term be sure to bring enough with you in case there are any unforeseen delays to your flight home.

In the unfortunate event of you falling ill on holiday, there are a number of places that you can seek medical help in Ayia Napa. For minor ailments, you can use the chemist and for more serious problems there are a number of medical centres. Saveco Health Centre is located just off Nissi Avenue, at the heart of Ayia Napa which provides a 24 hour service to tourists and locals in the Ayia Napa area.

Ready for Holiday At the Airport With United Kingdom Passport and British Airways Flight Ticket

Passports and Visas

You don’t need a visa to travel to Cyprus if you hold a British or European passport, but you will need a valid passport. Make sure that your passport is valid before you leave, and will remain valid for the duration of your stay.

Police and Security

If you are in need of any police assistance, there is a police station located in the middle of Ayia Napa. You can reach them on +357 23 803200. In the case of minor crimes, you can dial 22-808080 for assistance. In cases of emergency, dial the emergency number 112/999 or 1499 to be put directly through to police. A lot of the hotels in Napa have their own security guards, so should you need to report anything in or around your hotel, make sure you go to them.

A Handful of Euro Currency Notes

ATMs and Money

You will find a number of ATMs in Ayia Napa, but before you use them, be sure to check with your bank how much they will charge you to withdraw, as most ATMs will charge you a transaction fee. A number of clubs, bars and restaurants allow you to pay by card, however not everywhere will, so be sure to have a combination of cash and card. You can also use prepaid currency cards when you stay which allow you to top up an amount before you leave and budget your spending.

Holidaying in Cyprus leaflet

Government Advice

It’s definitely worth checking out the government’s advice when travelling to Ayia Napa, Cyprus. The government has also put together an informational leaflet, Holidaying in Cyprus which is worth looking at, particularly if it’s your first holiday away from parents.

Map of Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa Strip Map

Map of Ayia Napa nightlife clubs




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