Ayia Napa Wristbands

Well to keep it simple you get exclusive discounts in our top recommended (and tested) bars, restaurants and clubs in Ayia Napa. It can help you save some extra spending money on your holiday as it gives you access to deals in some of the most popular places in and around the strip.

How do I get access to the discounts?

If you’re heading to Ayia Napa with us whether you’ve booked a single events ticket, our Essentials Events Package or our best-selling Ultimate Events Package you will get to take advantage of our discount wristband.

You won’t need a separate wristband to be eligible for the discounts you will just need to make sure you collect your Party Hard events wristband from your in-resort rep team so you can show this to the staff at the venue.

Whats Included


At Robinsons Bar and Restaurant taste perfectly cooked double burgers, steaks and salads.

The Bell
​The Bell Bar is a busy bar in the centre of Ayia Napa, known for it fishbowls. Its the perfect bar for pres so why not take advantage of your discount with your Party Hard Wristband of 2 drinks, 2 shots for 6 euro and 5 shots for 10 euro!!

The Bronx Bar is located just off the main square and keeps you entertained with R&B bangers, with your Party Hard Travel Wristband you can get a drink + a shot for 4 euro and a 1 hour open bar for only 10 euro!!


Titanic Bar is right in the heart of the Ayia Napa bar strip next to all the main clubs. Playing commercial, House and Electro music in an energetic atmosphere, with your Party Hard Travel Wristband take advantage of buy one get one free on your drinks.


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