Ayia Napa June Events

Ayia Napa June Events

Whats going on when you’re in Ayia Napa?

We have a pretty full schedule of events for when you’re on holiday with us, meaning that you are never short of things to do, friends to make, drinks to shot and insta moments to capture. To get the most out of your experience we recommend the Ultimate Events Package which will give you access to the best events, for the best price.

What’s happening in June in Ayia Napa?

Our events start running from June and run all the way to September. We offer all the hottest events in Ayia Napa with some of the biggest line-ups in June you will be joined by artists such as Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Jay1, Jack Fowler, Billy Gillies, Schak, Casso, Skepsis, Disrupta, Basslayerz, Sammy Porter and many more! Our event calendar gives you a run down of everything you could get up to on your party holiday but you will be given your exact schedule at your welcome meeting from your rep if you have purchased the Ultimate Events Package (this includes your allocated boat day and time as these run multiple times a week).


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