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Ayia Napa is one of the longest running holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and for good reason. With a reputation for insane parties, beautiful weather and gorgeous beaches rivalling that of Ibiza, it’s no surprise that the island has been a party holiday hotspot for nearly 30 years now (maybe your parents even have a few Napa stories- ask them!)

Although it’s been a big destination for a while, the resort is always changing and never grows boring or stale- alongside the longtime classics there’s always something new in store each year.

Map of Cyprus with Locator Balloon at Ayia Napa Resort

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199 or 112

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0203 627 4443

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Do you want to party hard in Ayia Napa? The exciting events begin in June so if you want a good deal on your party holiday as well as starting your summer with a bang then choose the date today and get preparing for the party holiday of your life! Peak season in Ayia Napa is July through to mid-August but clubs and events are open between June and September. Some of you may already be thinking of the two main points, when’s busiest and when’s cheapest:


As can be expected in peak season the prices can be a little bit higher. If you still want to enjoy a clubbing holiday full of events but are wanting to spend a little bit less, then June and the end of August is the best time for you to go. You’ll still be guaranteed to have a good time it just means quicker service at the bar, and who doesn’t want that?


Who wouldn’t want to be out on the islands maddest boat parties, having entry to the best clubs and enjoying hours of open bars? If you want to go when Napa is at its peak, then book your clubbing holiday for July! The events will be buzzing, and you’ll be sure to meet loads of other party harders and have a good time.

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Check out what events will be on during your stay with our event calendar.

When are you going away?


The resort itself is open from May right through to September. The best time to go if your wanting to ensure all of the events are on is during the months of June, July & August. There’s still plenty to do if you go at the beginning and end of the season but during peak season it will definitely be the liveliest , the busiest and the hottest – and were not just talking about the weather 😉

Cyprus has around 340 days of sunshine a year, so blue skies are guaranteed! As a result, temperatures pick up as early as April, so it wouldn’t be unusual to see people down at the beach in their swimwear at Easter. During the main summer months, temperatures are over 30ºC and at times will be creeping towards 40ºC.

Yes! Ayia Napa is located in Cyprus which is around a 5 hour flight from the UK. You are required to have a passport to gain entry into Cyprus and would always recommend keeping your passport in a safe during your holiday as you will need it to return home!

You could always take a picture of your passport incase you need it for any reason meaning you won’t need to remove it from the safe until your ready to depart home!

We would always recommend staying together with your group when your on holiday especially if your a smaller group and if it’s your first party holiday!

But if you are ever in a situation in which you feel unsafe, you can get in contact with your in resort reps who can give you some help and advice (Top Tip: Make sure everyone in your group has the reps number at the beginning of your holiday in case any of you ever need it and you weren’t all together)

Yes! Majority of places in Ayia Napa accept card and you shouldn’t have any problems with using your card. We would recommend looking at a travel card rather than using your own as some bank’s can charge when your abroad (double check this before you go).

As a backup, we would say exchange some euro’s just incase, as a lot of the ATM’s can charge for taking money out!


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