Best Clubs in Zante You Need To Visit

The complete guide to all the best clubs in Zante!


Like most of the clubs in Zante, thousands flock every summer to see what the hype is all about and Zeros is no exception. Located in the middle of the strip next to the famous rescue Club, Zeros is one of the largest nightclubs on the island with a crowd capacity of over 1000 people so be sure to get in early so you don’t miss out.

Zeros has it all: one of the best sound systems on the strip, complex lighting and laser rigs, as well as massive plasma tv screens and a huge dance floor. It goes without saying that Zeros is host to some of Zante’s biggest events like the Foam Party and Total Karnage, not to mention their 2019 resident DJs, Switch Disco. This is one club to watch!

Zeros is open from 9pm to 5am on the weekdays and until 6am on the weekends

Sizzle club Zante


Another amazon addition to the legendary Zante strip is Sizzle Club. Found on the Zante strip, partiers have flocked in their thousands to this party hotspot  every summer since 2006. With huge club nights, DJ sets and events, it’s no surprise that it remains popular, year after year.

Sizzle Club has hosted major events over the years, including our very own Welcome to the Jungle event. Some of the biggest international DJs have played at this huge venue, fit with not one but two stages. Live it up in the VIP area while you watch the fire breathing bartenders putting on a show of their own – this is a one-of-a-kind clubbing experience.

Sizzle Club is open from 10pm to 5am

Rescue club Zante


Rescue IS the action in Zante, what with it being the largest club on the whole island, let alone the strip. The club is made up of a huge arena, 3 club rooms with 6 bars, a VIP open air lounge and a lively cocktail bar outside – you’re spoilt for choice. With a capacity of over 2000 people, this huge venue has been the place to be in Zante since 1989!

The events at this club are as big as the place itself, with the famous “PaintGlow” event, Europe’s biggest paint party, and live acts throughout summer. This venue has seen the likes of Joel Corry, Lethal Bizzle, Danny Howard and Charlie Sloth! You can even find our very own UV paint party here. This club is an absolute must if you’re in Zante.

Rescue is open from 8pm to 4:30am on weekdays and 8pm to 6am on weekends

Cherry Bay

Located in the heart of the Zante strip, Cherry Bay has been at the forefront of Zante nightlife for the past 26 years and it’s no surprise it’s still a favourite for party-goers. Just look out for the bright neon sign and listen out for the best tunes of the summer!

Over the past few years, Cherry Bay has had a makeover and is now bigger and better than ever. It’s host to all sorts of events including their famous Cherry Bay weekender and DJ sets from the likes of Tom Zanetti and Danny T. With VIP tables, a great range of drinks and bargain prices, it’s clear why it’s one of the biggest spots in all of Zante, so be prepared for the action here!

Cherry Bay is open from 9pm to 5am on weekdays and from 9pm to 8am on weekends

Plus club Zante

Plus Club

Plus club is the first club on your walk down The Strip, right in the middle of all the action. The night starts out with the huge front bar opening where you can order any drink that your heart desires, whether you’re after a pint, some shots or a refreshing cocktail, unique to this club!

The real attraction of Plus Club is the club itself. The venue opens up at the back a little later. This club is host to many different events, including the likes of the Nathan Dawe tour! Keep your eyes peeled for some of the best events of the summer at one of the ultimate clubs in Zante.

Plus Club is open from 8pm to 5am

Waikiki club Zante


Sitting at the end of the Zante strip, Waikiki has garnered a reputation of being the biggest urban music club on the strip. Established in 2000, Waikiki plays everything from R&B and Hip Hop to Grime and Dancehall. If that’s your kind of scene, then it’s definitely worth visiting Waikiki.

Waikiki has been home to some of the hottest parties on the island over the years, hosting events every week, including our very own Full Moon Afterparty! This, along with regular club nights hosted by some of the top DJs in Zante should be enough for you to add Waikiki to your Zante bucket-list!

Waikiki opens between 11:30pm and 1:30am and stays open all night long

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