Zante Mega Discount Wristband

If you’ve booked your Zante party holiday with us, a single event, or Laganas’ number one events package, The Ultimate Events Package, you’ll be able to take advantage of exclusive discounts and deals up and down the strip! The Zante Mega Discount wristband is included completely free as part of The Ultimate Events Package and will save you well over €100.

Look out for the Party Hard Travel Mega Discount Wristband poster around the resort and you’ll be able to enjoy some sweet, mega Zante deals! This list is always growing so check back regularly or speak to your rep who’ll give you all the information you need.


The rumours are true…there is a cheeky Nandos in Zante!…Well, not quite, but we’d rate in better than the one back home! Show your receipt to Leo and he’ll sort you a 10% discount even if you’ve ordered medium!


Not just a lush bar but lush food too! Up until 7PM, enjoy a 15% discount on food at Lush Bar and if you’re feeling brave, ask Alan if you can get on the karaoke after!


Fishbowl is not a bar to missed on your Zante party holiday. Bigger than some of the clubs, this is the place to come for your pre-party! Enjoy a 10% discount on fishbowls with your discount wristband. Don’t try and show off on the dance pole at the back, Jiannis and Dennis will show you up in front of everyone.


Fantazee is the place to stop on your way to Pure Beach Club for Tidal Boat Party. Pickup your glitter and paint with a 10% discount! If you’re on a stag or hen-do, speak to Leigh at Fantazee who’ll sort you out an unforgettable costume!


Players is located on Kalamaki Road (the mini-strip that runs off the main strip). Players is THE place to go if you’re in need of a hangover breakfast. Not only is it top quality, there’ll be enough food to soak up the alcohol for you and your mates on one plate! Show Silvia your discount wristband and you’ll be saving yourself 15% off everything!


Forgot your sunglasses or just regret not packing enough sun-cream? See Dennis at Steps who’ll sort you out a 10% Discount with your Party Hard wristband.

Taj Mahal

No this isn’t an excursion to another continent, this is Zante’s best curry house! Taj Mahal is located on Kalamaki Road and the place to go if spice is your thing. You’ll be getting 10% off everything with your discount wristband at Taj Mahal.

Sugar Bar

Sugar Bar is central to the strip and one of the only bars that’ll be open from May all the way through to October. Speak to Christos behind the bar – he’ll sort you with 2 cocktail points and 2 shots for €5 ready to get your night sorted! With table service, beer pong and even a disco ball, your holiday is not complete until you’ve stopped in Sugar.

Sirocco Restaurant

Right next to Sugar, you’ll find Sirocco Restaurant, Laganas’ number one Mexican restaurant! Don’t like Mexican? Don’t worry, Pandelis and his brother cook up the best food on the strip. With your discount wristband, you’ll be getting a free side of garlic bread and a shot 😱 Might want to give the shot a miss if you’re having breakfast though!

Three Lions

Central to the strip is Three Lions. This bar is the place to go for your premium spirits and mixers. With your discount wristband, you’ll be getting a premium pint of any drink and shot for just 5 Euros. Just don’t be caught with a drink in your right hand though, Theo will have you downing Jack Daniels shots!

Lit Bar

Lit Bar is your last stop before the clubs on the strip. Stop in and get 2 Plain and Simple Cocktails AND 2 shots for 5 Euros with your discount wristband! Don’t be leaving without finishing your drinks – Dimitris will have you playing forfeit cards!