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Working abroad will be the best decision you ever make but it can be a daunting experience! Some of our team have put together ‘work abroad tips’ in articles they have written to give you peace of mind and an idea of what to expect in resort. We want to make understanding what working for Party Hard Travel means in the clearest possible way. So what better way than to ask the team themselves?!

Charlotte, Zante rep


Events Manager

Charlotte’s Experience

Hi guys! My name’s Charlotte. My role summer 2019 was Events Manager for Zante. Firstly, let me tell you a little about what the role involved. In Zante, we ran events every day with around eleven events a week! This might sound like a lot of work and it’s very fast paced but it’s so much fun!

The role involved working with suppliers of big named bars and clubs, such as Rescue, Fishbowl, Sizzle and many more. My role was to build a great relationship with suppliers and communicate every week with them about numbers and timings for the events.

Events can sometimes vary from others and require extra responsibilities, such as the set-up for Welcome To The Jungle. This event took place at Sizzle Club and was always a part of the week I looked forward to most.  My job was to go in and set up the whole club – decorating with vines, jungle leaves, cargo nets and of course not forgetting the inflatables. The preparation for the event would always get me excited as I knew it was guaranteed to be a fun night.

After finishing the club set up with the team, it would be time to go and collect the artist from the airport! I always got nervous on the way to getting an artist. It’s like I almost felt star struck. However, after the first couple of times it became normal! We had big name DJs such as Molly Collins, Nancie, Meduza, Weiss, Macky Gee and more playing at Jungle every week. Having such big names, Jungle was almost always sold out or super busy as everyone wanted to see the artist. This meant the atmosphere was always enjoyable for our guests and us as staff too.

My top tips for being an Events Manager would be number one, make sure you have plenty of water since it is very fast paced! Number two, communication is key to a good event with both guests and suppliers. And three enjoy the events yourself too!

Elin, Head of Marketing


Head of Marketing

Elin’s Experience

Three years ago I went on my first girls holiday to Malia where Jodie was our rep. Having Jodie there for all the events and at helps hand whenever we needed made it such a great experience it made me want to join the team. The following year I applied to be a rep in Malia. I can certainly say it was a summer to remember. There was only 4 of us covering the biggest resort the company had involving long sweaty hours, a lot of running around and not much sleep but, it made the team closer and can honestly say I’ve made friends for life! As someone now that is a part of the office team I can say for sure that the company invest in those that invest in them. I’m dong my placement year with them now which has allowed me see a complete different side to the company. Looking after influencers, arranging sponsorships and collaborations as well as managing the socials in-resort team Party hard has not only given me a job but a hell of a lot of responsibility. It’s been an amazing feeling growing with the company and I can’t thank them enough. It’s hard work, long hours and a lot of learning curves but as long as your passionate about the company and prove to them that you’re worth the investment, they’ll want you to grow with them.  



Resort Manager

Faye’s Experience

I started working with Party Hard Travel last year as a Malia Rep. This summer I became a resort manager in a brand-new destination for me – Ayia Napa.

There are so many benefits to working with Party Hard Travel. Not only do you get to experience giving guests the best week of their lives but there are also opportunities to progress within the company. 

Before season started, we had staff training in an all-inclusive hotel in Magaluf including brand and sales training, practical and resort specific training and team building exercises. Not only did we train but we also got to enjoy Magaluf and get to know the people we would be working with over the Summer. 

As a thank you from the company we were also gifted trips at the end of each season which included Ibiza – staying in Ibiza rocks hotel – making incredible memories, and Magaluf again for the Party Hard Reunion. It was the perfect way to chill together after working hard all summer.

The management team also came to all these trips which is something I love about this company as everyone is super close. 

Before, during and after the seasons I felt well connected to all the staff and management, I was looked after well, and I was treated to these amazing experiences! I have thoroughly enjoyed both my seasons with Party Hard and would definitely work with them again!

Jordan, Kavos rep


Resort Rep

Jordan’s Experience

Hi, I’m Jordan and I was part of the Kavos team for summer 2019. When I found out that I was going to be working in one of our busiest resorts I was both nervous and excited, but I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Working in one of the top resorts could be challenging at times however we always pulled through and made sure we delivered a five-star customer experience to every single guest. I got to meet over 5,000 guests during my time in Kavos and for me that was the highlight. I would definitely class myself as a people person so being able to be out having fun with guests all, talking to people around the pool area or even just stopping and chatting to guests on the strip was the best part of the job. A lot of the time guests would come and tell us at the end of their holiday how much of a difference we made to their week and how we provide them with the best week of their lives, that for me was job satisfaction.

Whilst out in Kavos the team were mainly based in Quayside Village Hotel. This was also the location of our guest meeting point. Living and being based at our meeting point was a huge advantage as all the guests came to us to collect their wristbands when they first arrive in resort. Quayside village is not only our main hotel in Kavos but also the venue for quite a few events meaning guests get to see the location of their event meeting point and the venue for some of the events included in their package.

Working for party hard is an unforgettable experience and great for building life skills. I’ve grown so much in confidence from just one season! Obviously, it’s great to be able to go out, throw incredible parties and meet acts and celebrities but If you’re just in it for the alcohol and the parties then you probably wouldn’t enjoy doing the job. I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of my summer working for Party Hard Travel and would recommend anybody who is thinking of becoming a rep to just take the plunge and go for it. If you love meeting new people, delivering exceptional customer service and are looking for the summer of a lifetime then what’s stopping you?

Natalia, Kavos rep


Resort Manager

Natalia’s Experience

I have been working for Party Hard for three seasons and so far every season gets better and better. Being a destination manager for Kavos was challenging yet so rewarding. Kavos was one of the busiest resorts for summer 19 and had the largest team of reps. My role was to make sure everyone was working well together in order to make sure the customers were getting the best holiday experience they could. 

Some of the benefits of doing this job is that you get to live in a hot country, with the beach as your back garden and the strip on your doorstep. Managers as well as the reps go out and party with all the guests and attend all the events which means we also get to see all the big acts perform live,go on countless booze cruises and party in the sun. The benefit of working in a big team means that you always have someone to go and speak to when you’re feeling a bit low or homesick and they usually know exactly how to pick you up and get you back on your feet. For me a chat in a cold room with air-con and loads of snacks did the job. Aside from this, the main aim of the team is to ensure we are there for the guests and make their holiday the best it can be. Welcoming new arrivals everyday, assigning wristbands, being there for customer questions, guiding groups to events, organising bar crawls – these are just some of the jobs we did on a daily basis. Although attending events is fun there is a lot of behind the scenes work which everyone has to be responsible for. Working in the sun and drinking does take it out of you so it’s important to maintain a balance and remember that you might have work the next day. 

As a manager you also have to deal with major incidents, being on duty for if and when guests need your help or advice. Lost passports and broken arms are just some examples of what you may have to deal with. Nevertheless I take pride in making sure all my guests are safe and leave Kavos saying they’ve had the best week of their lives. Getting rewarded with “Team Of The Year” and “Manager Of The Year” for summer 2019 made all the sleepless nights, challenging situations and hangovers worth it. Party hard is the reason I keep going back every year.

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