Which party holiday destination is best and why?

With so many possible party hotspots and island resorts in the Mediterranean, it can be difficult to sort all the info that’s coming at you and figure out where sounds right up your street and which resorts may not quite be a bit of you. Here we’ve got a handy guide which will hopefully help you figure out which is the best party holiday destination for you.

Ibiza Party Resort

One of the longest-running resorts in the Mediterranean, Ibiza is a bit of an all-star when it comes to party holidays. This Balearic island has so much to offer, but if you didn’t already know, the thing it’s most known for is being one of the clubbing capitals of the world. If you’re a fan of house or techno then Ibiza will definitely be your bag, with many of its nightclubs playing host to local and international DJs to help you shuffle into the wee hours with a bottle in hand. Because it’s such a massive and popular resort there’s most likely something that everybody will enjoy but if we had to recommend it to one type of person it’s the dance music heads!

Ayia Napa Party Resort

Located on sunny Cyprus’s south coast, Ayia Napa is becoming more popular every year due to its amazing selection of events and activities on offer! Ayia Napa is one of the most developed resorts so there’s so much to do in the daytime you might feel spoiled for choice- from quad bikes and bungee jumping to beach clubs and shopping sprees, this place has it all! Another benefit of Napa being quite built up is that it plays host to many high street retailers and restaurants you won’t find anywhere else such as Wagamama and H&M, if you’re missing a bit of home comfort! This resort is recommended for those who want to squeeze every last drop out of their summer holiday.

Kavos Party Resort

Kavos is the youngest of the Greek island resorts and it’s a little smaller and less built up, but don’t be fooled, there’s still an unreal amount of fun to be had here with more bars than you’ll know what to do with and some of the wildest club nights in Europe, for example Atlantis’s Paint Party which was voted 2020’s best paint party! (Recommended if you don’t mind getting messy in more ways than one..) Everything on this island is a little cheaper than on other resorts and great value for money, so Kavos is definitely recommended if you want the best party holiday location but you’re working with a bit of a tight budget or just want to save your pennies for cocktails!

Malia Party Resort

Malia is another Greek island resort which is pretty much bursting at the seams with clubs, bars and plenty of other activities to do while you nurse your hangover or prepare for the next sesh. Price-wise, Malia is a good in-between if you have a good bit of money to spend but you’re not looking to go fully boujee. Malia’s events are absolutely elite, with Party Hard Travel’s Champagne Sessions and Welcome to the Jungle being two favourites. It’s also been said that Malia and its home island, Crete, have the absolute best of the best when it comes to Greek cuisine, so if you’re looking to try something new and dine on the freshest gyros and tzatziki, then this might be the one for you! Definitely recommended for those who want the top-tier events and some beautiful cuisine!

Zante Party Resort

Zante is probably the most upscale of the Greek Islands, with some hotels that will give you more than just a bed to pass out in, and some clubs where you can live your boujee fantasies, while still remaining affordable if your friend group isn’t prepared to drop serious cash. The main resort where you’ll likely be staying is Laganas, which has a mile-long strip filled to the brim with clubs and pubs where you’ll find all kinds of music from indie classics to hip-hop and R&B- it’s a real all-rounder! Another of Zante’s many plus-points is its breathtaking scenery- you don’t have to walk far to find gorgeous, secluded beaches and mysterious caves- you might even happen upon some turtles or even find the real shipwreck washed up on Navagio Beach, which is only accessible by boat! Zante is a bit of a jack of all trades where there’s something for everyone, which is what makes it one of our picks for best party holiday destination.

Malta Party Resort

Another one of the best up-and-coming party holiday destination, if you jet off to Malta you’ll likely be staying around Paceville in the town of St. Julians, which is incredibly popular with party-goers and packed to the brim with bars and clubs! However with Malta being such a small island, one of its benefits is that it’s amazingly easy to escape the non-stop party lifestyle to one of the many relaxed beach clubs, or shopping centres that Malta has to offer, and if you’re feeling lucky there are even a few casinos dotted about- just try not to blow your budget! The kind of people who might get the most out of Malta are those who’ve been on their fair share of party holidays already and feel a bit past the party-every-night lifestyle, so are looking to get some relaxation done on the side.

Sunny Beach Party Resort

Located on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, Sunny Beach is another destination alongside Kavos where you’ll want to look at if you’re looking to get a party holiday with all the trimmings but you and your group’s pennies are stretched thin. Although it’s cheap, that’s not to say that Sunny Beach skimps on the action- you’ll find everything you’d expect from a clubbing holiday, with foam parties, open bars and shots, shots, shots! If it all gets too much, you can rejuvenate yourself just a short taxi away at the resort’s world famous natural mud pools! We know they don’t sound too appealing but you’ll feel like a whole new person afterwards! Overall, Sunny Beach is recommended for groups who have a limited budget but still want to party hard.

Magaluf Party Resort

Alongside Ibiza, Magaluf is another absolute staple in the world of clubbing holidays which isn’t going to be going away anytime soon. All Summer long, Magaluf is absolutely packed with partiers of all different stripes, and the clubs are so varied that there’s going to be something that’s up everyone’s street. This resort is another one that has a bit of everything, day and night- from mini golf and karaoke to paint parties and water parks, no hangover is going to be able to keep you in bed all day! Since it’s super busy through the entire Summer season, a nice little money-saving tip is to avoid the peak time around July, as you won’t be missing out on anything! Overall, Magaluf is one of the best party holiday destinations that has a bit of everything, so it’s recommended if you have a group with a broad range of tastes and you’re struggling to decide!

So now you should be feeling like a bit of an expert in terms of the best party holiday locations that the Mediterranean has to offer, and hopefully you’ve been able to narrow down your selections a little bit. Next step: bring your findings back to the holiday groupchat and state your case, your mates will be wondering where you got all this knowledge from! One final departing tip is to take a look at Party Hard Travel who currently have some incredible deals on flights, hotels and events packages that you won’t find anywhere else!


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