Which Greek Island Should I Visit?

If you’re looking to leave the UK behind and fly out to a Greek Island to soak up a bit of sunshine in 2024, then you might feel a little bit out of your depth as there are a few to choose from. All of these islands have a unique character and something to offer, so depending on whether you’re looking for somewhere you can dance til the sun comes up every night, or something a little more relaxed but still with an exciting atmosphere and party vibes, one island might suit you more than another. Put together here is a little guide to what you can expect on each island and hopefully, it’ll help you make up your mind and pick a favourite of these party hotspots!

Zante Party Island

If you’ve got a little bit more money to spend and you want to go all out for your holiday, going to the hugest clubs and in general get a little bit more of a premium experience (while still getting your hands dirty when it comes to the nightlife) then Zante might be the place for you. If you travel to this stunning Greek island you’ll most likely be staying in the resort town of Laganas, which is one of the biggest and most hectic of all the popular party destinations, so you should definitely know what you’re getting into! There’s so much to do around Laganas day and night that you might find yourself spoilt for choice- there’s a massive variety of bars and clubs playing any kind of music you can think of. If you need to line your stomach, the resort has a great roster of restaurants too, ranging from fresh tzatziki and gyros to a greasy pizza or even a roast dinner if you’re feeling really homesick!

With its an absolutely stunning coastline dotted with sheer cliffs and mysterious caves, you’ll also be able to escape the hustle and bustle of the main strip and do a little sightseeing- you can do this on foot or if you’re feeling too rough to walk you can even hire quad bikes or take a boat tour! Nestled in between these caves and cliffs are also some of the most breathtaking beaches in the Mediterranean, for example Shipwreck Beach which can only be reached by boat and is aptly named for the real shipwreck washed up on the shore!

Kavos Party Resort

Kavos is one of the smaller resorts in the Mediterranean, but don’t let that fool you, it packs a mighty punch and you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck! This resort is also particularly recommended for students and those who are trying to squeeze the most out of every single penny, as the hotels and events do tend to be a little bit cheaper than on the other Greek island destinations. Again though this is not to say that you’ll at all be missing out- Kavos has loads to offer and you won’t be disappointed. The resort still has an absolutely buzzing nightlife scene that never sleeps until the sun is coming up and hosts some unforgettable events, such as Atlantis’s Paint Party (voted 2020’s Best Paint Party!) and the Champagne Spray Pool Party where you’ll find a little taste of luxury. If these sound like your cup of tea, they’re both included completely free with Party Hard’s Ultimate Events Package.

That’s not all there is to Kavos though- if you’re looking to shift that hangover then there are plenty of beautiful nature spots where you can recharge your batteries and maybe get some Insta content to make your mates jealous at the same time! A favourite is the Blue Lagoon and you can see why- the crystal blue waters and rocky cliff faces will have even the most tightly wound stress-heads chilling out a bit!

Malia Party Resort

A bit of a newcomer on the party island scene, Malia has gotten a reputation in recent years for hosting some of the best parties with both legendary and up-and-coming DJs and artists. It’s also good if you’re looking for something in between the budget-friendly thrills that Kavos has to offer and the all-out, hectic and slightly more upmarket Zante. If you’re a bit of a hip-hop head then Malia is especially recommended, as its clubs like Apollo and Candy have become a favourite in recent years for the UK and US’s upcoming stars to perform at, with Not3s, Mostack and Sheck Wes all having rolled through the island in recent years. There’s plenty else to do like the legendary Party Hard Bar Crawl which will take you through a whole host of the resort’s bars and help you to meet like-minded clubbers.

If you think you might be stuck for things to do in the day you’d be dead wrong- like the other Greek island resorts, Malia has an insanely broad range of activities including a few that might interest the thrillseekers among us- if you feel up to it then paragliding, jet skis and bungee jumping are all on offer…Just make sure you leave it a minute after eating!

We hope this guide has at the very least helped you pick out what makes each of these Greek islands unique and the qualities that might make them the party destination for you. To sum it up, Zante is the most bustling of all the resorts and has a massive range of things to do both at night and during the day- recommended for experienced partiers! Kavos is a great holiday if you’re looking to save money but still go all out and have a lot of fun- it’s also a little smaller than the others. Malia is a good in between the other two and is also noteworthy for its many hip-hop events and some thrilling beach activities. Once again we hope this guide helped you, and make sure your Summer 2024 is an unforgettable one!


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