Top 5 Drinking Games To Play This Summer

Everyone knows the main event at any party is our good friend/enemy Alcohol. It doesn’t matter whether you’re kicking it back with your pals are the local house party or swinging it back on the Malia booze cruise; drinking games are the star of any party!


The set-up for this game is simple enough; gather in a circle around a table with a large glass of alcohol in the centre and a drink for each player. Take turns bouncing pennies off the table; if a penny lands in someone’s glass, they have to drink. If a penny lands in the centre cup, everyone must down their drink before placing their glass upside down on their head. The last to drink must down the centre drink. As the night goes on, lagging players will eventually just tip their own drink onto their heads to avoid chugging the centre cup!

Most Likely To

No need for any other equipment besides willing participants and their drink. Players take turn in making up ‘most likely to’ scenarios (most likely to get arrested, most likely to star in an adult film, etc.) and everyone must point to a person in the room that they believe to fit the title. The person with the most fingers pointed at them must drink. This could lead to some insulted players, but hey, that’s all the fun!

Spin The Bottle

No, not THAT one. A twist on the classic teenage game, players take turn spinning the bottle and proceed to say something funny/dirty with a deadpan expression at the person the bottle is pointing to. The first to break must down their drink. This can lead to some very creative phrases!

Beer Pong

No drinking game list would be complete without this classic house party game! A staple at every party, two teams take it in turns to throw a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s beer cups. The ball lands in, a team member must drink that cup, it’s as easy as that! We can’t wait to play this with everyone at Varsity in Zante, it’s going to be the beer pong tournament of the summer!

Flippy Cup

Another game we can’t wait to play with everyone at Zante this summer, flippy cup is making an appearance at Varsity! Two teams line up alongside a table, each with a drink lined up in front of them. The two teams must then race to finish their drink one at a time and flip their cup upside down on the table before the next person can do the same. The first team to reach the end of the table wins!

If you want to turn any night on its head, these are the games to try! But if you’re looking for an unforgettable clubbing holiday experience, look no further than Call today for an enquire on 0203 627 4443 or email [email protected] and have a once in a lifetime adventure!


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