Holiday Packing Guide

The time has almost come; your holiday package is booked, your flights are next week and it’s time to pack your bag. Figuring out the right essentials to take with you is key to a stress-free holiday. So we’ve organised a handy little guide on what to pack for your fun-in-the-sun clubbing holiday.

You’ll need two outfits for most days, a daytime look and a night time look. Take a look below for some clothes packing advice.

Top Tip: When packing, save space by rolling up your clothes. Usually means they’re less crinkled too! Put socks/pants in any shoes you’ve packed also. Just make sure you’re not over your weight limit.

    a. Staple Items

  • Keeping your wardrobe to the basics makes it a lot easier to style different outfits for different days. Take one pair of denim shorts, a handful of different tees to match, and a dress or two for those lazy days out on the beach.
  • If you’re heading to a paint or foam party, maybe avoid wearing your prized shirt – get your hands on one of our Party Hard Tshirts. We’ve got you sorted on holidays and fashion. 
  • If you’ve booked a themed event like Zoo Project (Ibiza), White Project or Welcome to the Jungle, don’t forget your costume/outfit and release the beast.
  • Make sure you check the event calendar pages for you destination for any themed parties!

    b. Beachwear

  • If you plan on spending most of your time in the resort pool or at the beach, make sure to pack a few pairs of swimsuits just to make life easier.

Shoes can be the heaviest item in your luggage, so it’s important to only pack the ones you need for your clubbing holiday.

    a. Flip-flops

  • If you’re spending most of your time on the beach it is crucial to bring some flip-flops to easily throw on from day to day.

    b. Canvas Shoes

  • Bringing heels on a clubbing holiday always seems like a good idea – until you never wear them. Ditch the heels and wear your favourite vans or converse shoes to the clubbing scene. Your feet will thank you!
  • If you’re heading to a paint party, most paint will wash out but probably best to avoid the sparkling white shoes.

We know how hard it is to choose between your toothbrush and your entire makeup collection, but sensibility and practicality is the route to go this summer

    a. Makeup

  • Resist the temptation to take your whole makeup bag! Chose a smaller bag and only take products that you wear everyday. You’ll be sweating it off in the clubs in no time!
  • Double check what your airline will let you take on board – don’t want to have to wave goodbye to that foundation!
  • If you’re heading to events like our Welcome to the Jungle event, don’t forget if you want to bring some face paint for that costume you’ve been working on.

    b. Essentials

  • Deodorant, toothpaste, and soap are all no-brainers for your suitcase but don’t forget to pack that SPF 50 sun cream for that harsh European sun! PLUS mossy repellent if you’re prone to bites.

Budgeting is key for a holiday. Nothing worse than running out of cash in the last few days while everyone’s still partying. You’ve already got the hotel and events sorted so here’s some other things to bear in mind!

a. Food/Drink

  • Check up on the average price for a drink at your destination. Google usually knows everything, plus most (if not all) party destinations have cheap and cheerful options.
  • Have an idea of how much money you have for each day/night out and go from there. If you’re self catered, just treat it like any old week-day food shop. 

b. Transport

  • If you’re needing to get taxis to the strip or certain events, best to check beforehand. Don’t want to be caught out and have to cut back on the fun stuff. 
  • Busses are always a cheaper option and most timetables are online.

c. Extras

  • Souvenirs, beach balls or just a forgotten toothbrush – best to just have that extra put aside for yourself. Just make sure you reeeaaally think about it before getting that 5 Euro tattoo!

5. The Important Stuff

We don’t want to nag on but the clue’s in the name. You don’t want to forget about this part

a. Documents

  • Passport, wallet (and money) and all of your flight and hotel info. Double check what you need with your airline – nothing worse than getting turned away at check-in. 
  • GHIC cards are a must! They entitle you to free healthcare at non-private hospitals. This is not a substitute for health insurance though, as most medical centres are privately operated

b. Keep them safe

  • Keep all your important documents and passport in the hotel room safe or tucked away in your suitcase – may be useful to put your money in there too. Better to be safe and just focus on having the best week of your life! Most hotel rooms will have a safe that can be used for free or a small charge.

c. Covid

  • Make sure to check on for any and all info on your destination travel requirements. If you’re fully vaccinated and don’t need to book certain tests, just remember to bring either your physical vaccine pass or your digital one, found on the NHS app.

So there you have it! With our handy packing guide can’t go wrong this holidays! For an unforgettable clubbing holiday experience, email us at [email protected] or call 0203 627 4443 to book your getaway today!


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