Party Hard Launches Malta as New Destination

The breathtaking Malta is our newest clubbing holiday destination. Culturally rich with a vibrant nightlife and stunning scenery, Malta has so much to offer, and we’re here to tell you all about it!

Malta holiday scenery

Malta Tourism

Malta is a hot tourist destination, with UK nationals making up 85% of tourists visiting Malta each year. As a result, Malta has a booming tourism industry and vibrant hospitality scene with bars, restaurants, events and activities for tourists to enjoy. Malta is an island steeped in culture and history so it’s the perfect place to visit if you like exploring by day and partying by night. 

British rule was exercised over the island for over 100 years, despite ending in 1964 the history of British influence is still obvious across Malta. Notably, almost everyone speaks English so you don’t have to worry about any language barrier when visiting! Little touches of England are still in place, look out for the red phone boxes and post boxes across the island, there’s even a Marks and Spencers Food Court in the capital city Valletta.

Malta is a great, progressive destination to visit where you will feel safe to be yourself and enjoy yourself freely. Malta has been widely recognised as a great country for the promotion of LGBTQ+ rights, respecting LGBTQ+ rights to the highest order and leading the way within Europe. It’s also got a reputation for being one of the safest countries for tourists within the EU so you can enjoy your holiday without fear. The government in Malta is keen to keep crime and littering low and encourages tourists to show respect for their cultural hubs, the relationship between the locals and tourists is really positive making this a great destination for immersing yourself into a new culture.

Nightlife in Malta

With tourism booming, Malta is a great place for young people to visit. Malta has a great up and coming music scene, with great underground clubs and DJs performing no matter what the season. Annie Mac hosts her own festival, Lost and Found in Malta which has seen the likes of Diplo, Disclosure and Aitch perform! It’s an unbeatable mix of big names, stunning scenery and unmissable parties. 

If you base yourself in Paceville you will be right in the centre of Malta’s lively nightlife scene. Paceville is known for its number of hotels, nightclubs, bars and restaurants so you will never be far from a party! While Malta may have less of a reputation as a party holiday destination than other places, we promise you the Paceville strip could rival any of the biggest and best party destinations. It stays lively all night long with thousands of party goers heading out there each night. 

Clubbing in Malta

Malta has a really diverse nightlife scene so there’s something for everyone. There are plenty of beach clubs which are the perfect place to make the most of the stunning scenery with a drink in hand. Cafe Del Mar is the hottest beach club in Malta right now, open 10am to 12am, Thursday’s are their biggest days of the week hosting a vibrant pool party that’ll keep you dancing from dusk till dawn. Join Ellie Sax for Champagne Sessions pool party – for live saxophone music and party vibes. 

The Paceville strip is studded with world-class clubs that’ll keep you dancing all night. Try Clique, an underground club on the Paceville strip playing deep house and techno till the sunrises. The Playground hosted at Sky Club has one of the world’s top sound systems so attracts world-class DJ’s all year round. Recently refurbished with state of the art pyros and lights and a capacity of 3,400 this is guaranteed to be one of the biggest and best nights of your summer. If you’re looking for something a bit different to the other clubs on the strip visit Twenty Two, located on the 22nd floor, this has luxurious lounge vibes and stunning views so it’s the perfect place to visit for a more boujee night out.

Activities in Malta

Malta is renowned for its natural beauty. The Blue Lagoon is one of Malta’s most popular sites, it’s the perfect day trip to experience the wonder of this stunning Island whilst also being a great Instagram spot! Watersports are really big in Malta so why not try snorkelling whilst you’re on your holiday, it’s also known for being one of the worlds best scuba diving locations if you’re feeling a little more adventurous. Other activities such as kayaking or parasailing are also available across the island, so no matter what your ability there’s no excuse to not make the most of the Island’s incredible coasts.

Malta is also the proud home of 11 blue flag beaches, this is the gold standard for beaches – think white sand, blue sea, marine life and no litter. They’re absolute must sees! Beaches in Malta with this award close to Paceville include St George’s Bay and Fond Ghadir so they’re right on your doorstep.

There’s also lots of opportunities for exploring in the daytime, that’s if you’re not too busy recovering from the night before. Try discovering the capital city Valetta through either a food-tour or mini-car tour. If you’d rather explore the sea than land there are plenty of boat trips that will take you on a tour of the island and to all the best swim spots. You could even try a boat trip taking you to Malta’s sister island, Gozo, which is breathtakingly stunning and remains unspoilt.

Opportunities to Work in Malta

As a result of English being so widely spoken in Malta it’s the perfect place for young people looking to work. The growth in tourism means there are plenty of opportunities for young people from working as reps for clubbing holidays, working in the hospitality venues and even getting involved with the tourist board itself. This is a great way to have some fun, earn a bit of cash and truly get to understand the rich culture Malta has to offer.

Interested in becoming a Party Hard rep for summer 2024? You can call or email [email protected] for more info about summer 2024 opportunities!

Ready for Malta?

Maybe you’re ready to book your clubbing holiday to Malta for 2024? Stay posted for our release of hotels and the Ultimate Events Package for Malta 2024! 


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