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Malia Booze Cruise

The Malia Booze Cruise, Malia’s best boat party as voted by Party Harders. Part of the Ultimate Events Package for 2021, we reckon the Malia Booze Cruise will be even better than previous years. 2019 introduced a new saxophonist (don’t worry we had as much trouble spelling it as you did reading it), so who knows what 2021 will bring.

Get ready to Party Hard with over 200+ party goers for 4 hours straight. The highly experienced host team bring you games, entertainment and top Malia DJ sets.

As if that isn’t enough you get lunch included and a 1 HOUR FREE BAR of Captains’ Cocktail Mix (your guess as to what’s in it is as good as ours). You’ll have multiple opportunities for swim stops and maybe a chance to win some prizes! This is an event that simply isn’t a question. Included in the Ultimate Events Package.


What’s included?
  • 4 hour boat party
  • DJs and Host Team
  • Games and Competitions
  • Photographer
  • Lunch
  • Swim Stops
  • 1 Hour Free Bar
  • Transport
What should I wear?

You’re here to party under the sun,  so think glitter,  big hand fans, kaftans, fresh creps and of course, your best swimsuit, bikini or swimming trunks.  Splash out on designer brands or get a cheeky Primark bargain, we bet no-one will notice!


What should I bring?

Towels are optional but might be handy after a dip in the sea, although the sun might be hot enough to do the job!

Bum-bag, always a good choice for keeping all your stuff safe, just remember to take it off before you jump in the sea! No-one wants a soggy phone.

Sunscreen is a must.  We may want to get that orange tan like a Satsuma, but we don’t want to peel like one!

Tickets obviously are essential. You’ll get your ticket at the meeting point on the first day on your holiday.

Is there transport provided?

Yes! Coaches will pick you up from a meeting point and also bring you back. The meeting point is the George and Dragon Pub at the top of the strip. Travel time is 30-40 mins so don’t be late!

Is there any food/drink included?

We’ve got you covered with a 1-hour free bar and a free lunch. Saucy hotdogs on demand, or talk to your rep for veggie and vegan options! After the free bar, drinks are just €3 – €5, an absolute bargain.

Which day will I be on the cruise?

A day will be assigned to you by your reps in the welcome meeting, your group won’t be split. You’ll all be on the same boat.


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