Malia Booze Cruise Tickets

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Malia Booze Cruise Tickets

Thursday, Sunday


George & Dragon

Per Person

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Per person


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About our Malia Booze Cruise Tickets

Get ready to Party Hard with over 200+ party goers for 4 hours straight. The highly experienced host team bring you games, entertainment and top Malia DJ sets.

As if that isn’t enough you get lunch included and there’s an hour free cocktail session with the captains famous sex on the boat. You’ll have multiple opportunities for swim stops and maybe a chance to win some prizes! This is an event that simply isn’t a question.

We meet at George & Dragon at 2pm and all get the coach to the boat together! This event is a cash only event.

What’s Included

  • Malia Booze Cruise ticket
  • Transport to and from the boat
  • DJs/performers
  • Host team
  • Swim stops
  • Games
  • Lunch
  • Hour Free Cocktail Session


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Your welcome meetings for Malia will be held at The George and Dragon, located at the top of the strip. The reps will be there everyday between 12-2pm to meet you and assign you your wristbands for the week. This is also where you will get your Malia Booze Cruise Ticket. If you arrive after 2pm and there is an event on that night you will be added to the event guestlist so you don’t miss out. You will then be able to attend the welcome meeting the following day. The reps will message you the day before you arrive confirming all the info you need too!

You’re here to party under the sun, so we want to see vibrant colours; wear your best swimsuits, bikinis or swimming trunks. For footwear, the floor can be slippy so we don’t recommend wearing heels. Most party harders wear flip flops, sandals, crocs or trainers. The Malia Booze Cruise has swimstops, but for when you are vibing on the boat, you might want to wear a cute bikini cover up too! We also suggest bringing a hand fan, not only do they look good with your outfits, they can be used as a prop to dance and they’ll keep you cool in the sun!

  • Ticket! – Your ticket is the most important thing to remember to bring with you on the day of your boat party as without the ticket you cannot get on the coach to the boat. Your rep will give you your ticket at your welcome meeting but we always recommend taking a picture of your ticket on your phone in case you lose it so we can find your booking on the boat sheet! 
  • Bag – If you were unsure whether you want to bring a bag, there are seating areas around the outside of the boat, indoors in the bar area and upstairs on the sun deck so you can leave your bags there during the swim stops!
  • Towel – If you are wanting to jump in then you can also bring a towel along with you, however if you didn’t want to, it’s so warm that you will dry off very quickly!
  • Suncream – You will be in the sun for 4 hours of the day so make sure you bring sun cream on board with you so you don’t burn and ruin your holiday tan!

Yes! Coaches will pick you up from the meeting point and also bring you back. The meeting point is the George and Dragon Pub at the top of the strip. Travel time is 30-40 mins so don’t be late!

Yes! Half way through the boat, we prove saucy hotdogs for your lunch! There are also vegetarian and vegan options available. Just alert your rep when they announce the food! There is also an hour free cocktail session included on the boat with the Captains ‘Sex on the Boat’ cocktail!

The Malia Booze Cruise runs typically on Thursdays and Sundays. During peak season, the boat runs more frequently and therefore may also run on Mondays and Saturdays too. Your group will not be split up as your rep will assign you a boat date at your welcome meeting so as long as you all attend the welcome meeting together, you’ll be on the same boat!



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