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Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome To The Jungle is Party Hard’s very own event! Welcome To the Jungle originated from our UK Club Zoo Tour. The Zoo Tour was a huge success so we brought it to our European destinations and it’s been nothing but a top event in all of them! In the past, we’ve booked some of the biggest and best artists for this zoo themed party including Meduza, WEISS, Joel Corry, General Levy and more! This year you can expect the same calibre lineup only this time on the island of Majorca. Get your face-paint and glitter ready to go!


What’s included?
  • Face painting
  • Huge animal inflatables
  • Drinks deals all night
  • The biggest line-up yet!
What should I wear?

Animal print is encouraged, it’s a jungle theme of course! Accessories and face paint are also fun – the bigger the better. Don’t worry though, you’ll be allowed in without animal print.

What time is last entry?

Last guaranteed entry with the Ultimate Events Package is 2am. But the club opens at midnight and you don’t want to miss the live acts, so make sure you get yourselves down  in plenty of time.

Are there any VIP upgrades?

Sure, just speak to your rep who will sort something out for you on the night.

Where is the venue?

Just off the main strip. Your reps will make sure you know where to go for all your events.

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