Kavos White Party



Quayside Village

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Included in The Ultimate Event Package

Kavos White Project Party @ Quayside Village

Included in the Kavos Ultimate Events Package


The Kavos White Project is a party like no other – Quayside Village how you’ve never seen it before! It transforms into a totally different experience! Expect a sea of white across the venue whilst the DJ plays the best chilled house and RnB tracks of the summer! For just 10 euro you can drink as much as you like in an hour, the only thing you need to make the white project a night to remember!

What’s Included?

Buzzing Atmosphere
Free White Project T-Shirt
1 Hour Free Bar Deal (10 euros)

Why Party Hard?

We have been doing this for years now and we bundle all the best events together into one simple affordable events package – the ultimate events package. The Kavos White Party really is a must and getting it in our package means you’ll save both time and money. Check out what previous customers say here


What’s Included?
  • Free White Project t-shirt
  • Hour free bar for 10 Euros extra
  • Photographer
  • Games and competitions
What’s the dress code for the Kavos White Party?

If you hadn’t guessed already, it’s all white! Whether you want to wear togas, wings, or just your best white outfit then go ahead.

Do I have to wear white?

You don’t have to wear white if you don’t want to but you might stick out. You can always wear your free t-shirt if you haven’t got any white.

Is there VIP available at Kavos White Party?

Not at this event, but there are plenty of tables available, just no bottle service.

Where is Quayside Village?

Most of our events are at Quayside so we’re sure you’ll find your bearings! It’s moments away from the Kavos strip. Our reps will remind you of all event locations beforehand.

White Project Photos

Included in Ultimate Events Package

Ultimate Events Package 2023

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