Nathan Cable

Nathan Cable, CEO and Co-Founder

CEO and Co-Founder

Hey, I’m Nathan and I head up the Marketing side of Party Hard which could possibly be the best job ever! I’ll be speaking with all of our reps and some of our customers to help put together the best holiday and event packages for over 20,000 Party Harders for Summer 19! My likes include travelling to our resorts and meeting our suppliers, reps and customers!

Favourite part of your job:
The favourite thing about my job is every time we receive 5 star reviews – knowing that we’ve helped our customers have the best week of their year is the best feeling ever!

Favourite moment of Summer 18:
When we hit our targets for Summer 2018 and took the whole team to Ibiza for the closing parties.

What is your favourite event:
Zoo Project

What are you looking forward to in Summer 19:
More huge events/expereinces, more Party Harder’s, more 5* reviews, Ibiza Closing parties and much more surprises in store