Natalia Kantas

Natalia Kantas, Resort Manager Kavos

Resort Manager – Kavos

Hiya I’m Natalia and I’m a Party Hard rep in Kavos! I am half-Greek and half-English so know all the ins and outs of how to get on the good side of the crazy Greek bar owners. I like anyone that gets involved on a holiday (DAY & NIGHT) and dislike anyone who doesn’t… (Cause at the end of the day we are day time ravers not sunbathers) Fun fact about me: I was in Kavos for 100 days last year and went out the 93 of them.


Favourite part of your job:
Meeting so many incredible and crazy people!

Favourite moment of Summer 18:
It HAS to be the annual Quayside Village fancy dress pool party. There was about 1000 party harder’s all dressed up in anything you could imagine, downing 1 euro beers and 1 euro shots non stop. It was absolutely insane!

What is your favourite event:
Other than the Quayside Village pool parties every Friday and Tuesday that NEVER failed to amaze me, the ‘’Kavos Cruises’’ boat party has to be one of the best days out within the events package. You’re on the boat for 6 hours and it’s absolute carnage, non stop raving.

What are you looking forward to in Summer 18:
Seeing thousands of Party Hard guests in Kavos again, absolutely misbehaving and having the best time of their lives.