Ibiza Resort Guide

Ibiza Nightlife and Strip

When it comes to nightlife, the whole island of Ibiza is party central and you’ll find bars dotted all around the place. But if you want a more concentrated area of bars, San Antonio is the place where the party happens in Ibiza! Situated in the centre of town, the San Antonio Strip is called the West End. You’ll find the cheapest drinks and the most diverse clubs here as well as a more commercial music vibe, rather than the typical drum and bass or house music of the Ibizan superclubs.

As you approach The Strip, you’ll be greeted by PR staff offering you drinks deals– top tip is to haggle and get the most for your money! Ibiza can be an expensive party island so most party goers pre-drink at The Strip before heading to the main event of the night. A typical deal would be 15 euros for a cocktail, 3 shots, 2 double vodkas with mixer and a Jägerbomb. Bargain!

Ibiza Bar Guide

Soul City

If you’re missing your dose of R’n’B music, Soul City is the place to go! Noted as the island’s original R’n’B club you’ll be sure to find the likes of classic Beyoncé and Drake tunes that you can throw some shapes to.

soul city bar in ibiza west end

You can’t talk about Ibiza bars without talking about the Irish pub scene! A popular spot for British tourists, this Irish bar is just the place for a friendly atmosphere, live music, and a good drink.

Tables and chairs outside Shenanigans Sports Bar - Ibiza - San Antonio
Ground Zero

If you want a bit of a change to the usual Ibiza scene, Ground Zero is the bar to head to. Catering more to the alternative crowd, this is the bar you’re most likely to hear indie classics and rock hits. So if you’re down for something a little different, head on down to the hidden gem that is Ground Zero!

ground bar west end in ibiza
Cafe Mambo

OK so not technically in West End, but an Ibiza nightlife guide without Cafe Mambo is a guide incomplete! Situated on the beach at the end of The Strip, this legendary bar is the best place to see the famous Ibiza sunset. Enjoy a cocktail whilst watching the sky go from blue, to orange, to red all in the matter of minutes! Get there quick though, tables run out extremely quickly at this hotspot!

cafe mambo ibiza sunset edge of west end

Ibiza Restaurant Guide

Rio Ibiza

Rio is the ultimate all-rounder in Ibiza! Categorised as a restaurant, bar, lounge and club all at once, Rio Ibiza has something for everyone! With a large rooftop seating area, come here to simply enjoy a cocktail overlooking the marina or have a meal before you head out for the night!

rio bar west end strip ibiza
Curry Club

An Indian paradise tucked away in the San Antonio’s centre, this scenic restaurant is the perfect way to curb your curry cravings! Sit outside amongst the traditional Indian decor and choose from the set menu for a curry, 2 naan breads, poppadoms, and a drink for only €14! This restaurant is a must for your Ibiza party holiday this summer!

outside decor of curry club ibiza
Mint Lounge

There’s a more affordable way to experience the Cafe Mambo sunset, just pop next door to the Mint Lounge! This lounge-bar has deals like a pizza and a cocktail for €20 or €13.50 for 3 courses. The menu is gorgeous and you will be wanting to Instagram every moment of the dining experience.

mint lounge overlooking beach in ibiza
The Skinny Kitchen

For a healthy reboot in the morning, The Skinny Kitchen has everything you need to give you a boost of energy and get your mouth watering. From pancakes to protein bowls, you’ll never pay more than €10. With a lunch/dinner menu starting from €7.95 for 1 main and 2 sides, this is the perfect restaurant for every hour of the day.

skinny kitchen restaurant in ibiza

Ibiza Daytime Activities

Thanks to our awesome events packages, your days and nights in Ibiza will be busy, busy, busy but don’t forget to spend some time exploring this gorgeous Balearic island too with these Ibiza daytime activities!


San Antonio has a wide variety of watersports to choose from, with everything from jet skis and inflatables to parasailing and more! Our personal favourite is Ocean Mania, an inflatable obstacle course just opposite Ocean Beach. This activity is sure to capture some hilarious moments amongst friends!

ocean beach mania birds eye view
Ibiza Town

For most party goers, San Antonio is your resort for unmatched nightlife. To see the gorgeous historical side of Ibiza during the day though, Ibiza Town is where to go! With quirky, winding streets bursting with culture, this is the perfect place for a bit of local shopping, sightseeing, and restaurant hunting! Buses run on a half hour schedule across all resorts, so it’s super easy to get to.

Super Yachts Moored at the Port of Ibiza and the Old Town in Background
Hotel Pool Chilling

Sometimes the simplest activities can be the best. Spending your day by the pool is a great way to meet new people from your hotel, relax and soak up the sun!

ibiza rocks hotel chill pool daytime

Ibiza Music Scene

Ibiza is famous for a lot of things, and its eclectic music scene is one of them! Ibiza Rocks Pool Parties vary in music genres with each event, so you’ll never run out of choice for a pool party suited to you! At major superclubs like Amnesia, you’ll find mostly electronic/D&B artists hitting the stage like Chase & Status. No matter where you go, expect to be on your feet all night dancing to the hottest summer tunes!

crowd in amnesia


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