Get ready to have the time of your life and Pukka Up on board Ibiza’s biggest boat party! Hosted on a super yacht, sailing over the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, you really can’t go wrong. What to expect? Only the biggest DJ’s from around the world to be there, refreshing dips in the ocean, great company of many other people ready to party & a FREE Cocktail!

The Pukka Up Boat Party is included in the Party Hard Ibiza Events Package as standard – we only include the biggest events so we couldn’t miss out on the biggest there is could we?!

 What’s included?

• Worlds Biggest DJ’s Performing
• Mediterranean Dips
• FREE Cocktail
• 360 Sunset views
• Pukka Up Dancers

So search now to find your perfect Lads and Girls Ibiza holiday and get your ticket confirmed on the hottest event of the summer!

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