Cheapest Party Destinations for Summer 2024

Everyone loves a bargain and saving some pennies where they can and shopping for a holiday is no exception. When planning your party holiday things can really add up. You’ve got to factor in not only flights and accommodation but also food, entry to all the nightclubs, cost of all your drinks and we know you’re going to be wanting to spend any spare change on making sure you have the perfect instagram outfit. This is why it’s good to have a look at all the different resorts and see which one fits your budget best. Any money saved when you’re booking is another shot whilst you’re out there so it’s worth taking the time to investigate now. 

Cheapest Flights

Booking far in advance is the best way to score a great deal on flights, the further ahead you book the cheaper the flights will be. It’s also worth looking into flights during annual sales such as Black Friday or the January sales as flight companies will often offer unbeatable prices. If you can travel on a weekday as opposed to the weekend this will also help reduce the cost of your flights. 

The party resorts in Spain are a good bet for cheap flights, these routes are well covered by low cost airlines with frequent flights to and from the major airports over the summer season. Airline companies have recognised the popularity of these Spanish destinations so the cost of flights is really competitive.

Also, in some destinations, the airport may be a little further from the resort meaning your airport transfer will be more expensive. When flying to Greece you might even find yourself travelling between islands on arrival and this will increase the price of your journey. 

Cheapest Hotels

Finding well-priced accommodation is another key way of saving some money on your holiday. Deciding between room-only, self-catered, full or half-board accommodation is an important decision when figuring out your holiday accommodation. Room-only means you’re unlikely to have cooking facilities or a fridge and will have to eat out for all your meals, self-catered gives you the opportunity to cook for yourself, whilst full board or half board refers to how many meals a day will be available for you within the hotel. Eating at restaurants for each of your meals in a day quickly adds up and can be a big added cost to your holiday so this is worth considering when looking at hotel rooms. You may also find an affordable hotel but discover it’s located a little further from the heart of the nightlife if you have to spend money on taxis every day the savings may not be worth it so this is something to think about.  Browse affordable holiday accommodation at Party Hard Travel.

Generally, Greek resorts are a good choice for affordable accommodation. Malia and Kavos have really reasonably priced hotels, with a week’s accommodation setting you back around £300. These hotels are also known for their party atmosphere so you know that you’ll be in the presence of other young people looking for a good time. Sunny Beach also has lots of great hotels which you’ll be happy to stay in, all priced really well. 

Cheapest Food and Drinks

To be honest, no matter which party destination you’re heading to you’re gonna find loads of bars and restaurants with really affordable food and drink, think €1 shot all night. Kavos is probably the cheapest of the big-name locations. It has loads of bars along its infamous strip and you’re bound to find crazy cheap drinks at any of these places – so proceed with caution! Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is also a great place to visit if you’re interested in eating and drinking for next to nothing. If you’re on a super tight budget it may be best to avoid Ibiza as in peak season prices can get really high. Drinks at some of the biggest clubs can reach up to €25 for a double so either go with some money to spend or make sure you pre-drink effectively. 

Cheapest Events

No matter which destination you end up heading to, the best way to save money on events is by buying your event tickets in advance. Early bird tickets will usually be on sale between January – April and they’ll be far cheaper than trying to buy tickets for events whilst you’re out there. Also, trying to find a package that covers multiple events will help you out a lot if you’re wanting to go out each night and trying not to break the bank in the process. The Party Hard Travel Cheap Party Holidays & Event Packages offer entry to the biggest club nights across the major party holiday resorts for a majorly discounted price, if you’re looking for an unforgettable holiday on a budget this is a no brainer. 


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