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Event Description

Forget what you heard about booze cruises. The Kavos Booze Cruise is not just a boat party, it’s a whole day experience. It’s an early start but make sure you set your alarms because you’ll be gutted if you miss this. Setting sail from the jetty just outside of Quayside Village, you’ll sail over to a private beach with the DJ playing the best tunes to wake you up and get the party started. Last one to get a drink gets a forfeit so get yourselves straight to the bar! The beach provides you with the setting for the best insta pics and we provide you with the perfect hangover cure, a stunning greek BBQ. From the beach you’ll head over to the blue lagoon where you can show us your best Tom Daley impression straight into the med but make sure you’re back on the boat before sailing over to the highlight of the day, rave in a cave! 


What’s Included?
  • Swim stops
  • Beach stop
  • BBQ on the beach
  • Rave in a cave
  • Boat DJ
  • Photographer
  • Games, competitions and prizes
What To Wear?

Girls: If you’re saving that one swimming costume for a particular event then this is the one. Think giant hand-fans, kaftans, wedges and glitter and you’ll be sorted.

Boys: Designer swimming shorts and a pair of fresh creps and you’re good to go. Or of course you could spend a fraction of the price and go to Primark and look exactly the same. The choice is yours.

What To Bring?

You can bring towels for after the swim stop, but with the sun shining all day it is not always necessary. Just bring your usual belongings in a bag or bum-bag. Please remember to empty your pockets before jumping into the sea. You might also consider bringing sun protection – the only thing that should peel is a satsuma, not your shoulders.

Anything Else We Should Know?
  • Which day will I be on Kavos Booze Cruise
    A day will be assigned to you by your reps in the welcome meeting, your group won’t be split. You’ll all be on the same boat.
  • Is there shaded areas
    Yep, don’t worry about getting sun burned! 
  • What if we’re late?
    Simple answer… DON’T BE! We won’t be waiting for anyone! If you’re late and miss the boat then tough. You should have listened to that alarm.
  • Is there VIP available?
    Not yet no! If you are interested ask the reps in destination. They might be able to sort something cheeky out for you. 

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