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Overseas Rep Team for Summer 2021

Party Hard Travel are recruiting summer teams for 2021! We are looking for Resort Representatives to work across 6 European destinations: Ayia Napa, Ibiza, Kavos, Magaluf, Malia, and Zante.

The job role of Resort Representative ‘Rep’ includes the delivery of the highest customer service to our guests in resort and working at the best events in Europe to ensure our customers have the best week of their lives.

About Us

Party Hard Travel have been growing consistently in the party travel market for the last 5 years. In this fast paced, constantly changing environment, you and your team will have responsibility for customer experience within your resort. We expect staff to use initiative, make executive decisions, and have a high responsibility in changing operations in resort where they see fit to keep customer satisfaction and efficiency high.

With Party Hard Travel you can gain a very real experience with high levels of control in multiple business areas. Such areas include, but are not limited to, social media marketing, sales, customer service, hotel chains, supply networks, event management, team working, finance, crisis management and corporate social responsibility.

Working as a Resort Representative can also help you to develop your personal development skills; such as confidence, communication and leadership.

We don’t want candidates to look at this position as an ‘extended holiday’, we want to help our team to learn and gain experience in line with their future goals and aspirations. Therefore, once placed in resort you will specialise in an area designed to enhance your career growth.

The Job Role

customer service

Customer Service

One of our main company aims is striving to provide the highest customer service in the Party Travel industry. This year our in-resort teams achieved an Excellent rated Net Promoter Score [NPS] for customer service across all destinations, with 50% of those teams achieving a World Class rating.

Your role will be to maintain and continue improving our NPS by consistently providing customer service of a high value to our customers. This includes on the ground service with hotel booking and events, as well as liaising with Party Hard HQ in the UK to solve any issues.

We strongly believe in the surprise and wow factor – customer service that goes above and beyond for all our customers.


We as a company specialise in package holidays – the idea that our guests can have everything organised for them in one purchase. Once finalised the customer has their whole holiday set up, including flights, hotel, plus events for the duration of their holiday, so their holiday can be stress free!

Having events included is a major aspect of our product, therefore, we are constantly working with suppliers overseas and creating our own events to ensure these are the best they can be. One of your roles therefore will be to attend all events with the guests and make sure everyone is having a good time!

For some events this role can expand into further responsibilities; helping to run events, decorating venues, ensuring guests’ health and safety and many more. Added to this, the running of our own produced events will require higher involvement from our summer team, both during the event and in some cases before and after the event. Such duties may include chaperoning DJs and organising of guests transport etc.  


We are increasingly expanding our destination operations into more and more hotels, meaning your role may require extra responsibilities within hotels. For some destinations this will just be an ‘on call’ situation for any problems or guest queries, others you will be based inside our Party Hard Hotels with the guests every day.

The goal here is to work with the hotelier and their staff to ensure the best service possible is provided to the customer. Communicating with Party Hard HQ for any booking issues and acting as a middleman for any issues that may arise between hotelier and guest. More importantly this is a great opportunity to enhance the customer experience by having the team based in hotels every day, to have fun with and for any questions or help.

Health & Safety

Be prepared for some customers to call you a ‘boring rep’ however, health and safety is a very key part of this role.

As this is party travel, we need to be constantly keeping up with risk assessments to ensure all customers are safe. It is also important to remember that customer safety is one of our top priorities, you will need to be mindful that customers on these holidays can have an array of instances, it will be your job to deal with such instances. If successful you will receive training on these areas.


Most of our sales are done prior to departure, however there may be opportunity to provide extra events to customers once in destination. Keeping in line with company values these normally keep to one/two extra events per customer. In addition, customers who have not upgraded to the full package from their holiday will have the opportunity to do so once in destination. That’s where you come in – providing correct and truthful information on how to upgrade so the customers don’t miss out on everything we have to offer.

You will have the opportunity to get your sales though our social media channels…

Social Media Marketing

We are very passionate about the power of social media. Each team will be provided with their own social phone in order to login to the company social accounts. These are to be used to capture every event, customers best moment throughout their week, as well as general goings on in destination.

Each destination will also have an assigned professional photographer to take pictures from every event. Pictures from the photographers can be sent to you for material, in order to keep your accounts up to date and create buzz for our products.

You will also have to opportunity to use social media for sales. You will be given the chance to make commission via social sales for customers purchasing before they get to destination.

office support

What The Team Have To Say

When you’re out in resort, you wont look back! Read what the team say about working for Party Hard Travel, the challenges they faced and what the job was like for them!

quayside pool

Application Top Tips

  • Make sure your CV is relevant and up to date
  • Make sure you read the job description and what we are looking for
  • If you haven’t worked abroad then don’t worry, relevant work experience can be anything relating to the role (REMEMBER we specialise in customer service)
  • Keep your answers concise and to the point
  • We are not fancy people but please remember to remain professional, this is a job application after all
  • Show us don’t tell us – If you are wanting to let us know something particular then back it up with evidence. For example, ‘I would consider myself hardworking because I managed three years at University, kept up to date on my work, whilst having a part time job and being an active member at my sports club’.
  • Stand out! We receive hundreds of applications every year. Try to avoid generic statements like ‘I am a highly motivated individual who works well with others’.
  • Most importantly, we are NOT looking for people who can ‘Party Hard’. The role will require you to go above and beyond and deliver the best customer service to ensure guests have the best week of their lives.


Not fazed by working long hours, and quick to solve problems, you will help customers with a smile and a positive attitude. You will be responsible for maintaining a good impression of the company brand and culture, in the face of customers, suppliers and competitors, as well as taking charge to ensure the safekeeping of all company assets.

What we are looking for

  • Experience in a customer service-based environment, and/or the personality and confidence to create the customer journey
  • Genuine desire to provide outstanding customer service
  • Self-motivated with a tenacious and positive attitude
  • Ability to cope in a fast paced and targeted environment
  • Confidence to work alone and problem-solve without supervision
  • A fun, outgoing personality with drive to make our guests’ holiday the best it can possibly be
  • Excellent relationship management abilities – both with customers and suppliers
  • Resilient – ability to work long and varied hours in line with business demands
  • Numerical abilities to manage guest numbers
  • Ambition and motivation to succeed
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Overseas working experience (preferred but not essential)

What we offer you

  • Experience in a high pressure, fast paced position
  • Job satisfaction in creating the best week of guests’ lives
  • Bonuses/commission benefits
  • The working abroad experience
  • Team-work
  • Attending the best events in the destination
  • Event management
  • Career growth/personal development
  • The best summer of your life, meeting the most amazing people and creating memories that last a lifetime!

Extra Information 

Summer Placement is a minimum of 2 months (exemptions can be made on request under certain circumstances).

Summer period runs from 1st of June to 7th of September. We are flexible on start dates due to examinations. Ideally staff will arrive one week before season begins.

You will receive basic wage (paid fortnightly), plus commissions, bonus and other benefits as described below; 

  • Accommodation is included for the period of the contract
  • You will have to pay flights out to destination; but once your contract has been fulfilled, we will reimburse flight out and pay for flights home 

Added Benefits Include: 

  • Overseas trips for training and at the end of season as a bonus
  • Meal and drink benefits (Drinks included at most events; Work discounts in food places)
  • Bonuses and Commission benefits based on customer reviews and sales 
  • Opportunities for Team Leader/ Management positions 
  • Opportunities for Post-Graduate full time positions

The Recruitment Process


✍️ 1st Stage

Sign up using the form below. You’ll then be redirected to an application form to complete.


🎥 2nd Stage

If your application is accepted, you’ll be asked to send in a video talking about yourself and answering a few questions.


3rd Stage

If your video task is successful, you’ll be asked to attend an assessment centre day.


👔 4th Stage

If you’re successful at the assessment centre, you’ll have an interview.


💼 5th Stage

If you get through all stages, you’ll be asked to attend training to prepare you for the summer ahead!


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