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Applications to be a part of our Summer 2023 Rep teams are now closed and will reopen next year for Summer 2024!

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About Us

We are Party Hard Travel, the market leader in youth travel.

Our mission is to give young people the best week of their lives. By reinventing party holidays we’ve made them relevant again. Once our founders returned from their ‘inbetweeners’ style holiday in Ayia Napa they vowed it would never happen again and so Party Hard Travel was born. We want to ensure that everyone, no matter what budget can experience the best the resorts have to offer, and ultimately have the best week of their lives!

We pulled all the best events in Europe together and put them all in one place – our famous Ultimate events packages. Our event packages are sold prior to your holiday at an affordable price so they are accessible for everyone to experience the biggest and best events there are.

Our main focus is to generate 5 star reviews from all of our customers. If they’re giving us 5 stars, then we know we are doing it right. To ensure we get those 5 stars we focus on three main areas. Firstly our product quality checks – if it isn’t good enough we need to ensure we do something different to improve. Secondly, risk and safety. We have a full safety management system in place to ensure all of our events are safe and all of our customers are happy and well looked after. These systems run 24/7 in the destinations we operate in and are evaluated and improved every summer. And finally, our amazing Party Hard Team members. From our UK office support network to our in destination rep teams [you guys]. We ensure all of you have the tools to deliver the highest level of customer service to ensure we reach our mission of giving young people the best week of their lives!

We are a one stop party holiday shop working directly with suppliers to provide holiday and accommodation packages. We work with big names such as Jet2 and Youtravel – allowing us to provide flexible holiday packages to the best party resorts in Europe to meet every customer’s needs. Then of course every customer has the option to add on our Ultimate Events Package – they’d be a fool not to! We even offer our Ultimate Events Package to customers who have booked their holiday package elsewhere – aren’t we nice? 

We have been operating for the last 7 years, learning each year and growing at a minimum of 50% passenger increase year on year. Until of course COVID-19 stopped us in our tracks. The last two years we have been operating at 1% of our usual and estimated passenger capacity. We’re certain that you have probably had just about enough of it, and so have we! As soon as it is safe to do so, we will be ready to take over summer 2023! When we get there though, we need you! Whether that be as part of our UK office support team or our in-destination rep team. We need you to ensure our customers have the best time of their lives, as let’s face it, we all deserve it after the last two years!

The Job Role

We are Party Hard Travel, but that doesn’t mean we are just looking for people who can ‘Party Hard’. We want you to see this as the exciting and valuable opportunity it is. We need our team to understand how much of a key player they are in our brand reputation, continued growth, customer experience and safety.

As an in-destination Rep Team Member you will be the face of Party Hard Travel in the destination you are assigned to. You will be responsible for ensuring you represent the brand at all times in front of guests, suppliers, hoteliers, tour operators, tourists board, the local community, potential future customers, embassy members and more. As a Party Hard Rep Team Member your main responsibilities will include:

Booze Cruise DJ showing off his athletic talent during event

Ensuring Customers Have The Best Time

Our customers look forward to their holiday all year. You will need to ensure that you are able to deliver your customer service duties at all times – if you may have had a few too many the night before you have to fix that smile on your face and be there to welcome our new arrivals daily!

Event Operations

We operate many events, sometimes one a day, sometimes three a day. Some events we have a small involvement in and some events we have a much larger involvement – but you will always have a role in the events running and operation. These events can have hundreds to thousands of customers, and you will play a part in pulling them off to the standard expected. You will ensure guests arrive at the venues safely. You will ensure they have a great and safe experience whilst there. You will also ensure any production/deliverables whilst at the event are executed to a high standard. Such production/deliverables may include paint gun spraying, balloon drops, face-painting, venue planning and decoration and more.

ibiza, ibiza rocks hotel

Customer Safety

You will be responsible for following our safety management systems to ensure customer safety on their holidays. Not just physical safety but you will also need to be there for emotional support and mental well being. For some of our customers this is the first time they have been away without their parents. You will need to be able to switch between the fun extra friend who joined their holiday to their agony aunt when they have a friendship falling out.  You will also need to have excellent common sense in order to ensure guests are kept safe at all times.

Due to the nature of the role we ask you to consider the responsibilities that come with it before you jump into the application. The role involves a lot of hard work and responsibility but we have a massive support network and training programme to ensure you are able to deliver all of the responsibilities to the best of your ability. Also know that if you take the challenge on and do it well you will have the best summer of your life! You will make memories and friends for life and you’ll be able to add this highly valued achievement to your CV and LinkedIn. 

So now you’ve made it through the ins and outs of the role it’s now time to apply! What are you waiting for?

Further Information and Tips

Our company values are part of everything we do and we expect you to be able to live by these while working with us

  • Positive Energy – Whatever happens keep that positive energy going. There is always a solution to any problem, and we are running the best week of people’s lives!…. can’t do that on negative vibes.
  • Give More Get More – Here at Party Hard Travel  we expect to get what we give, therefore the more you put in, the more you get out, and the cycle goes on!
  • Surprise & Wow – We always like to go the extra mile. We always have added extras that we are able to offer our customers when they least expect it.
  • 10X Mindset – This one comes from one of our favourite motivational speakers, Grant Cardone. Essentially if you always put in 10 times the effort in everything you do you are more likely to get the desired outcome… and hopefully a bit more!
  • Operation Speedboat – No this isn’t the title to a bad Tom Cruise movie, this is one of our main core values and is based on agility. When we entered the party holiday market it was controlled by two very large companies that were likened to tanker ships. Just like tanker ships these companies were slow to move, slow to make decisions and had old school operating systems. We came in as a little speed boat and were able to run circles around them by finding the gaps and ultimately took over the market. We keep this value to remind us to always be a speedboat.

Top Tips

In this type of role things are constantly changing. Due to the environment and external factors things can often change at the last minute. With this in mind you will need to be able to use your common sense and quick thinking in order to come up with solutions to ensure our 5* Customer experience is always being delivered. 

We expect our staff to want to return year on year. With this in mind we review our employment opportunities at the end of each summer. At the end of each Summer we offer all Uk office roles to the best performing reps before putting them public, therefore, we are looking for you to have a hunger for growth and see the longevity in the position. Added to this we also have post-grad positions, internships and placement years available for rep teams.

quayside pool

Dos and Donts (Application)

  • Do make sure your CV is relevant and up to date
  • Do make sure you read the job description and what we are looking for
  • Do include relevant work experience (REMEMBER we specialise in customer service)
  • Do Keep your answers concise and to the point
  • Do remain professional, this is a job application after all
  • Do show us don’t tell us – If you are wanting to let us know something particular then back it up with evidence. For example, ‘I would consider myself hardworking because I managed three years at University, kept up to date on my work, whilst having a part time job and being an active member at my sports club’.
  • Do stand out! We receive hundreds of applications every year. Try to avoid generic statements like ‘I am a highly motivated individual who works well with others’.
  • Don’t think we are looking for people who just want to party. The role will require you to go above and beyond and deliver the best customer service to ensure guests have the best week of their lives.
paint glow party ayia napa working abroad

Dos and Donts (As a Team Member)

  • Don’t drive or ride on any scooter, quad bike, moped, buggy or similar vehicle in the destination.
  • Don’t work for another company that can cause a conflict of interest (including pyramid schemes).
  • Don’t do drugs. We do not tolerate drug use. Drug use will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Don’t display any behaviours or undertake any actions that will cause defamation to the brand and business.
  • Don’t have intimate relations with other team members that will affect the working environment and your ability to do your job.
  • Do drink responsibly (remember you are representing the brand all the time! When on shift you are responsible for people’s safety and have a duty of care to our guests).

What We Give To You

Every year we receive thousands of applications for the 30 roles we have available as these positions are a dream job and an amazing opportunity to gain real experience and have the best time of your life.

We will give you a real experience for you to learn, grow and achieve great skills which are adaptable across any job, enhancing your CV

We give you the chance to live and be in an amazing, sunny resort by the sea for the summer – cost free!

You will create memories and friendships for yourself and have the satisfaction of being a part of and creating the best week of your guests lives.

As part of our give more, get more value you will be well looked after by us, our suppliers, local clubs, bars and restaurants, living the ultimate lifestyle but working hard for it… work hard, Party Hard!

What’s included: 

Basic salary


Meal allowances (dependant on destination)

Drink allowances (dependant on destination)

Flight reimbursement (at the end of the contracted period)

Team fun days

Commission for online sales

Target based bonus 

Training program

Reunion trip included for all staff (that complete the contracted period)

Holiday blues commission (based on rebookers)

The Role Outlined

Customer service

Delivery of 5* service to all Party Hard customers

Welcome meetings daily for new arrivals

Party Hard app daily updates

In destination main call line

Customer service at all programmed events

Destination management communications (Jet 2, bed banks)

Events management  

RFID wristband app operations

Supplier communications

Décor & production

Sustainability management system

Digital marketing

Collecting & creating content

Posting on social channels

Building following & increasing engagement

Keeping up with current trends

‘Life of a Party Hard rep’ log

Influencer trip management


Assisting with online sales & CRM systems

Social channel sales

Risk & safety [Safety management system]

Crisis management procedures

Incident reporting & log 

Venue & accommodation risk assessments

General customer welfare & safety

First aid training

Mental health awareness & procedures

British consulate, tourist boards & other relevant parties relations

Experience required/ desired

Previous experience, skills & education required

Customer service experience

Understanding of main social channels [Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook]

GCSE Maths & English

3 A-levels/ BTEC equivalent

Previous experience, skills & education desired

Currently completing a University degree or equivalent 

Digital marketing experience

Overseas work experience

Experience working in events/ hospitality

First aid trained

Party Hard Travel office support staff

What The Team Have To Say

When you’re out in resort, you wont look back! Read what the team say about working for Party Hard Travel, the challenges they faced and what the job was like for them!


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