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Event Description

Want some vocal house bangers and live music? This is the party for you! High energy, class acts and out of this world production. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the flying acrobats. The acclaimed Abode is bringing you the tropical house for the third year running! Bring on those Deep House vibes bebe!


What’s Included?
  • Entry to O Beach Ibiza
  • Ibiza’s top DJs
  • Insane productions
  • Performers
What To Wear?

Girls: This is the outfit you’ll probably already have planned. Get your finest swimsuit on, your white wedges, body chains and cover ups ready. Guaranteed this with be your profile pic for a while.

Boys: We want to see you in your smartest two pieces at the ready. Slip on either your trainers or flip flops it doesn’t matter (you are at a pool party after all).

What To Bring?
  • Bring your ID. They check  on the door for ID, if you don’t bring any they’ll refuse your entry. 
  • Towel? Doesn’t really matter. If you haven’t booked a bed there are a few loungers/seats about the pool but they do go quickly. So if you don’t want to carry it about with you, don’t bother (the scorching sun will dry you off anyway)
  • SUN CREAM… Yes I sound like your mam but trust me, you’ll need it. 
  • Phone or camera. You’ll probably bring anyway but make sure you do to get those
Anything Else We Should Know?

How much are drinks: This will probably be one of the more expensive venues you’ll go to. You’re looking at around 20 euros.

When’s last entry: Last entry is 2pm. They WILL NOT let you in after that.

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