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Oasis Pool Bar

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Champagne Sessions – Malia Event 2023

Included in the Malia Ultimate Events Package


Champagne sessions is our very own take on a Love Island-style pool party and it is BRAND NEW to Malia for Summer 2023! Sam Bird will be the resident host & DJ for the party, alongside our top Malia resident DJs from Zig Zag club, Apollo club, and Malia booze cruise. Half way through the day all party harder’s get a free bottle of Champagne to shake up for an instagram picture! We meet at George & Dragon at 1pm for this event and all walk down to Oasis Pool together!

What’s Included

Entry to Oasis pool

Bottle of champagne

Special guest host & DJ Sam bird

Love island special guests

Champagne spray

Malia top Resident DJs

Love island photo opportunities

Love island themed décor in the venue

Love island-themed games

Why Party Hard?

Party Hard is the only online package on sale that includes Champagne sessions pool party, by booking with us you have exclusive early access to ensure you can get a ticket to the event before you get to the resort, also saving over 40% on your tickets for everything by booking this event in our Ultimate events package!

Of course, you also get other benefits by booking with us, as well as value for money you also get our reputable branding to know your money is always secure & protected, as well as our safety checks & risk assessments of all events in the resort.

Also, Party Hard Malia is a massive program, being a part of the Party Hard group on your holiday means you get to be with hundreds of like-minded party people all going to the same events as you, so you can get your mingle on and make some holiday mates!

Finally, you get our PRICELESS rep teams with your booking, who will be in the resort to help you with anything you need to make you have the best time of your life on your holiday!

Cheeeeesyyy we know but that’s our mission, just wait and see and we will see it in your review after your trip ‘best time of our lives’… we are ready, are you?!

Oasis Pool Party FAQs

How do I collect my Ultimate Events Package?

Our reps will get in touch with you before you arrive to check in the details but they will meet you at George and the Dragon pub on the Malia main strip. They will be there everyday between 12-2pm and 8-9pm for welcome meetings for you to collect your wristbands & get all the info you need to know for the week!

If you arrive at the resort after 9pm on your first night and you have an event that night, no need to worry our rep team will contact you in advance and will arrange a guestlist on the night’s event for you to get in then arrange to meet you the following day.

Do I need to reserve a lounger/bed?

It’s purely a first come first serve basis, so make sure you get there nice and early if a bed is a must. The party kicks off at 2pm, so don’t be late!

What should I wear?

It is a pool party so we advise swimwear with a T shirt for boys & cover for girls for when the sun gets a bit too much, but there is plenty of shaded areas in the venue 

Also, remember to bring sun cream, you don’t want to be the silly one who misses out on all the events due to sun stroke!

Where is the venue located?

The venue is Oasis pool, which is just behind the main strip.

You can access it by going down to the walkway between Apollo club & Subway on the main strip. Or you can access it via the main strip front just down from Candy club is Oasis bar which you can walk through and go through the main hotel to the pool at the back which is where the party is. 

How long is the event on for?

The event is on for 4 hours, it starts at 3pm and finishes around 7pm

Oasis Pool Party Photos

Included in Ultimate Events Package

Ultimate Events Package 2023

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