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Non Exec Director of PHT – Founder and CEO of Hangout on Holiday Founder and significant shareholder in Holiday Taxis, Europe’s largest transfer company. My role is simple to act as a sounding board where the Barry and Nathan can bounce ideas and I give them my opinion. My role is to be there when needed but not to interfere, a role many non executive directors get so wrong. Away from work things important to me – family, friends, golf skiing and wine.

Favourite part of your job: Spending time with Barry & Nathan and listening to their ambitious plans for the future. I love their enthusiasm and can do attitude, it’s really refreshing.

Favourite moment of Summer 17: Returning from their end of season Ibiza trip, I couldn’t take the pace. Seriously, seeing the business and the team grow to a new level.

What is your favourite event: Just pre-drinks around a pool table in Ibiza!

What are you looking forward to in Summer 18: I’m looking forward to watching the business and the team grow yet again in 2018 and seeing them become an established part of the youth scene in the travel industry.

Favourite social post of the summer:


Who can't wait for the summer 2017 parties 🙌🏼🌴🍹

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