Jodie Cable - Head of In-resort management - Party Hard Travel

Jodie Pilgrim Head of In-resort Management

Jodie Pilgrim

Head of In-resort Management - UK Head Office



Hi, I’m Jodie! I am a Party Hard Rep, last year working as the Head Rep for Malia, going on to be the head rep for multiple resorts. It is my job to make sure that myself and all our other reps have the skills and motivation to not only create a high-class party experience, but to make every week the best week of our Party Harder’s lives! I love meeting new people, and traveling to new places.!

Favourite part of your job: My favourite part of the job is the excited look on the party harder’s faces when we give the welcome chat on the first day, to explain what we have planned for the week ahead.

Favourite moment of Summer 17: I have so many, I love all the club nights, but the day time events are when you really get to know everyone, always love a Party Hard Bar Blitz and the Malia Booze Cruise! Also, I will never forget the morning after the night before when our Malia Rep Danielle woke up 40Euro down with 3 big ugly yellow ‘ropex’ watches in her bag from a dangerous Looki Looki purchase.

What is your favourite event: I don’t have a specific event I prefer, but I love them all as they are all so different and all never fail to disappoint! But I do love an event when get all the guests in the Party Hard T-Shirts!

What are you looking forward to in Summer 18: New challenges to face as we grow, meeting more people, including reps and guests, and getting back to Partying Hard in the sun!

Favourite social post of the summer:


Party Harders x Paint Glow 😎🎨 #candyclubmalia #wearepartyhard Ph: @michaelolatunji

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Party Harders in Malia👌🏻☀ #wearepartyhard

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