Barry Moore

Barry Moore, CEO and Co-Founder

CEO and Co-Founder

Hi I’m Barry & I’m in charge of the operational side of your holidays & creating the strategy for us as a company! I enjoy having an ice cold pint or 8 of Mythos in Summer and there’s not much I dislike except @Nathan Cable haha 😁 My Hobbies include business & watching Chelsea.

Favourite part of your job:
Customers not having a problem as that means us in Operations have done a good job

Favourite moment of Summer 18:
Hitting our target for the year & achieving over 300% growth as a company for the 2nd year in a row

What is your favourite event:
Room 2 all night free bar

What are you looking forward to in Summer 19:
Achieving treble digit growth again so we can make even more people’s holiday one to remember