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Zante Live

Your Tuesdays just got a hell of a lot better! Welcome to your Zante Live festival where you’ll see insane DJs mixing the summer’s hits! Inside the Rescue club with a capacity of over 200 you’ll struggle to find space because this is one of the biggest nights! Last year they had Charlie Sloth, MC Kie, Majestic and Devilman. Are you ready to get raving?


What happens on the night?

Free entry to the club. If you meet your reps before 12, you can get VIP access! CO2 cannons and plenty of live acts along with exclusive drinks deals are sure to give you a night to remember.

Is there a dress code/theme?

Time to rave up so think neon, mesh, face paint, whatever you feel like! There’s no strict dress code so don’t worry. Just wear some sensible shoes as this popular night  will be packed!

Anything else I should bring?

Your Party Hard wristband is a must but if you just wear it all week you have nothing to worry about.

Do they take cash and card?

Yes! Both forms of payment are fine, whatever is easier for you.

Where is the venue?

Right on the Zante strip! You can’t miss it.

Any VIP upgrades?

For all Party Harder’s, VIP wristbands will be available in the pre-party (more info given once in resort). This will give you access to the upstairs bar and balcony overlooking the whole venue from the inside. Great if you need a little break from the raving crowds.

Who will be performing?

Check out the Zante Events calendar!

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