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Some of you might be thinking that a week or two away just isn’t enough and want to spend some more time out in these epics party places. But not many of us have the cash for a three month holiday! So why not work over there? Spend your summer in the sun and experience absolutely everything the resort has to offer! A great way to find work is through Playaway. They’ll help you find a job, put you up and you get to meet heaps of people in the same boat as you.

You’re not going to earn loads of cash but you will be rich in fun. Getting to spend your summer in 30 degree heat and party every night is everyone’s dream right? Well make that a reality this summer! Doing a season in a party resort lets you meet loads of amazing people and have an absolutely incredible time! Your mates at home will be in the dreary UK whilst you party on boats and get an amazing tan. Here’s our guide to working a party season. Come and have a go if you think you can handle it!

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What to expect?

The best Summer of your life! Living in the sunshine, working and living with great people and partying every night, aka living the dream! No matter which resort you head to you can guarantee it’s going to be HOT. You’ll not only come back with mates for life after a season, you’ll have the best tan with some epic tales to tell your mates at home.

When should I arrive?

For the best pick of jobs arrive middle to late May. Some resorts have been closed all winter so they are gearing to open up for the peak summer season. You want to get in there first and have the longest summer you possibly can, though too early and nowhere will be busy enough to hire!

Will I get any nights off?

It depends where you work. As this is peak time then places are open 7 nights a week so will need people to work. You might get a night off for a special occasion but don’t count on it. You’ll hopefully be having so much fun it won’t feel like work!

What types of jobs?

Most the jobs will revolve around partying so you can eat, live and breathe it! Depending upon your previous experience there’s PR work, bar jobs, waiting on, selling tickets or shots to punters. Some clubs look to hire dancers and entertainers if you’ve got experience in that. You can spend your days sunning yourself and the nights showing it off!

How much will I get paid?

On average, most earn around 175E per week, but can vary a lot, between 70-280E a week depnding on where you work, the time of season and what your job is.

Will I get free drinks whilst working?

Depending on where you work, and what you do, yes. Some places will give you a few to for Dutch courage – PR’s need to be lively to pull people in, bar staff to ensure the customers are enjoying themselves. Some places give you unlimited; just make sure you don’t end up too drunk and do something embarrassing!

How easy is it to get a job?

As long as you’re confident and active you shouldn’t find it difficult to get a job. Make sure you show them your personality and that you’re keen to get involved. If you haven’t got any experience don’t expect to get a job in the best places though; the best bars and clubs normally have the best workers and you don’t usually just walk into those sort of jobs. But be enthusiastic and you never know what could happen!

How do I apply?

Put your best smile on and get asking around the bars, clubs, restaurants and shops. Obviously it’s a great idea to go in and apply somewhere you know you want to work. But if you don’t know then it’s good to ask around and see if people know of jobs going and where’s good to work. Some places will hire over social media but not very many. You should consider what times to apply; turning up at peak time probably won’t do you any favours with the manager!

What hours will I have to work?

Many of the jobs are 7 days a week but it depends where you work and what you do. If you’re waiting on then you might work some days and some nights. Working in a club might mean you see the sunrise as you finish your shift – you can always join the after party!

What qualities do I need?

You need to stand out from the crowd so be confident and lively. You need to be a people person and strike up conversation with sometimes hundreds of people a night!

When will I get paid?

Most places pay weekly or even daily, but some will pay monthly. Make sure you’ve got enough money saved to keep you going just in case; nobody likes the person who doesn’t get the round in!

Workers prices (discounts in other places)

Once your face gets known you will likely get workers prices in other places. Until then expect to pay full price, and if you do get a discount it’ll be a bonus. A lot of people try to blag they’re workers so you’ll need to show some proof until you’re known well.

Where will I live?

Some places offer you accommodation with your job, but if you don’t get that it’s easy enough to find somewhere to stay. We recommend booking with a company like Playaway Abroad who will help you get a job and have your first months accommodation sorted so you don’t have to worry about it. After that, it’s up to you whether you stay there longer, or find another place.

By yourself or with mates?

A lot of people go out to work by themselves so don’t think you can’t because of that. It shows a lot more initiative if you do and some managers much prefer you to apply for jobs by yourself, it shows your independent and can handle pressure.

Can you apply before you travel?

Some places will hire over social media so it’s definitely worth looking before you head out. But remember it’s hard to come across online. Hence why most places will only hire you once you’re there in the flesh and can see your sparkling personality!

Spending money

Obviously the more the better. It’s best to bring enough to live on for a few weeks in case you find difficulty getting a job. Some jobs might pay monthly so you need to be able to fund yourself until then. Also accommodation usually require a deposit up front so you need to have the cash. One way of earning some more spending money is by promoting for us before you go – see here for full details

Phones abroad

It is recommended that you get a phone with a local sim card as soon as you get to resort to save money on phone bills. It’s also recommended to get a cheap one as you’re more than likely going to have accidents with it so better to break a £10 one than the latest smartphone!

Visa to work?

Some resorts will require you to have a visa to work but you’re normally fine for at least the first couple of months. Once you start working and talking to other workers they’ll be able to inform you of what most do out there

Travel Insurance

We can’t stress how important this is for you to have! After a couple of drinks some people are accident prone so there’s a high chance you’ll be visiting the doctor or hospital at some point. You need travel insurance to help pay for this. You really don’t want to end up with a huge hospital bill!

Who will I meet?

Thanks to social media you can meet people before you’ve even got on the plane. Get tweeting, facebooking and communicating to the Playaway community. You can get great advice from people who’ve done it before or people who are already there. Then you’ll have someone to meet for a beer when you land.

When having a bad day

At some point you’ll likely have a bad day or two. Without getting deep or cheesy, don’t give up. Your mates are back in the UK doing the same thing whereas you are experiencing loads of new things. Remember it’s better to have a bad day in Ayia Napa than at home!

Pre travel checklist

  • Passport – has to be valid for your whole trip
  • Flight tickets – well duh
  • Money – a pre-paid currency card is a good idea
  • Driving license – hello quadbikes!
  • Accommodation – print the booking confirmation
  • Transfers – how else are you going to get from the airport?
  • Travel insurance – we’ll stop banging on about it but you really do need it
  • Booze shoes – be prepare to have the summer of your life!
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