Sunny Beach Travel Advice 2024

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London (Stansted), Belfast, East Midlands, Glasgow, Manchester, and Newcastle.

Arrival Airport: Bourgas, Bulgaria

About Sunny Beach

Made famous by 4oD’s ‘What happens in Sunny Beach and Kavos,’ this resort comes with a less of a reputation for a clubbing destination, but is no less popular. Sunny Beach has been the number 1 destination for clubbers from the UK in 2023 and it’s easy to see why. With hundreds of bars and clubs to match Ibiza and Ayia Napa, it has all the benefits of a typical girls and lads clubbing destination with the added bonus of being cheap! At the heart of this resort is a beach… that is sunny. And long. 5 miles long in fact, so plenty of room for a game of football, volley ball or sitting-on-your-back-side-and relaxing-ball.

To help ensure you have a trouble free holiday experience check out the following information in our essential travel advice guide:

When to go to Sunny Beach

The Peak party season at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is longer than most other resorts, with hot weather and packed bars and clubs from May to September. July and August are considered ‘peak periods’, so those would be the best months to go for the most buzzing 18-30 party atmosphere. However everything is more expensive in the peak months. If you want to save some money then head out there in either late May or the first couple of weeks in September. The weather is still in the high 20’s and clubs are still going strong, so you’ll still have a great time and your money will stretch that little bit further.

Weather in Sunny Beach

Sunny beach is at its warmest in July where the average temperature is 28 degrees. This is also the optimum time of year to go swimming in the sea, as the water is a lovely 24 degrees. There is plenty of time for sunbathing as the sun is shining 12 hours a day in peak season, so ample opportunity to get yourself a sun kissed glow. However Sunny Beach is known do have the odd downpour accompanied with thunder and lightning, so be prepared for a change of weather. This time is best spent having a sit down meal and some cocktails, beers, shots, fish bowls…under cover of course!

Health and Safety

Before you head off, make sure you have adequate travel and medical insurance. Although it’s not a substitute for insurance, it is also a good idea to get yourself a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you head out to Bulgaria. Touch wood it will stay put in your wallet or purse, but it entitles you to any medical treatment should it be necessary during your trip so don’t forget it when you’re packing! Worth noting that the EHIC will not cover you if you require ongoing medical treatment, so if you take medication long term, be sure to bring enough with you in case there are any unforeseen delays to your flight home.

Passports and Visas

You won’t need a visa to travel to Bulgaria, but you will need a valid British or European passport. Make sure that your passport is valid before you leave, and will remain valid for the duration of your stay plus 6 months. If your holiday is coming to an end before you’re ready to return home, you are permitted to stay in Bulgaria for up to three months. Any longer and you will have to apply for a residence permit.

Healthcare and walk-in centres

For any health related emergency you can dial 112, or for the Department of Health Overseas Healthcare Team you can call +44 191 218 1999 to help with travel insurance.

Police and Security

Pickpocketing and overcharging is increasingly common in Bulgaria and tourists are easy prey so it is advisable to avoid walking around on your own late at night, and don’t carry large amounts of cash or valuables around with you. There have been reports of car tyres being deliberately punctured as part of a scam. While investigating the puncture, someone distracts the driver and personal belongings and documents are stolen from the vehicle. Be vigilant if you have to stop in these circumstances and make sure your belongings are secure. For all types of emergency you can dial 112.

ATM’s and Currency

It is always good to familiarise yourself with the local cash points while away, and whether you occur any charges if you use them. As a general rule, the ATM’s in Sunny Beach will let you withdraw 200 Leva at a time from bank or credit cards like Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard. However, the ATM at First Investment Bank on Flower Street, one block up from the Beach Promenade crossing, will let you withdraw 400 Leva at a time – important to know if you are planning a really big night! If you pay a fee per withdrawal to your card company, this is also good way to save money. A number of clubs, bars and restaurants allow you to pay by card, however, not everywhere does, so be sure to have a combination of cash and card.  You can also use prepaid currency cards when you stay, which allow you to top up an amount before you leave, and budget your spending.


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