When Is The Best Time Of Year To Go To Sunny Beach In 2024?

Just imagine landing in Sunny Beach, the clubbing capital of Bulgaria when the season is just about to begin. Everyone is longing for their Party island getaway and yours can start as early as JUNE! Doing so will get you a cheaper holiday too so you’ll have a few more pennies to spend on the extremely necessary late night (or early morning) feasts to get you ready for the days ahead or maybe to treat yourself to a new thrilling experience; seeing as you’re in the perfect place to do so, why not give it a go?

Sunny Beach’s peak partying times are between JULY and AUGUST so for the ultimate party holiday surrounded by lads and girls like yourself we have put together the best events for you to enjoy. The season ends in September so book before then for the wildest 18-30 getaway of 2024.


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