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UV Glow Party

How to describe UV Glow Party Sunny Beach. It’s an all night party, one hour free bar, free t-shirt, and litres of UV glow paint. Need we say any more? You’ll be joining thousands of others as you party together under the UV lights, glowing from head to toe. Visit the painters to get yourself painted up, head to the bar and then secure your spot on the dancefloor for a night that’s bound to be a highlight of your holiday. You’ll get access to the UV Glow Party included with the Ultimate Events Package. Get your events sorted before you go and take the stress out of finding out what’s what and let us do that work for you.


What’s included?

With the Ultimate Events Package you’ll get entrance, body paint, 1 hour free bar and a free t-shirt. Don’t say we don’t treat you.

What should I wear?

As the name suggests everybody is going to be covered in paint so don’t wear your Sunday bests as they might get ruined. We recommend just some cheap shorts and a t-shirt from Primark! Remember, you’ll also get your UV Glow Party Sunny Beach t-shirt too.

When’s last entry?

There isn’t a last entry but to guarantee your spot on the busy dance floor we suggest getting there early.

Is there VIP available?

There are VIP areas available and you can also purchase bottles. Speak to staff or reps in resort if you would like VIP for you and your group!

Does the paint stain?

The paint is skin friendly so it will come off in the shower no problem. However, we can’t guarantee the same with clothes, which is why we suggest wearing something you don’t mind getting ruined.

What if I get paint in my hotel room?

Hotels will charge you a small fee if you get paint on the sheets. Just jump straight in the shower when you get back and you’ll be sorted.

Where is the venue?

Right near all the popular clubs and bars. Your reps will tell you where to go.

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