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Foam Party Sunny Beach



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Foam Party Sunny Beach

Included in the Kavos Ultimate Events Package


New to Sunny Beach for 2024 – The Holi Foam Powder Party is a favourite among Party Harders yearly! It’s pretty straightforward. Hundreds of party goers getting blasted in powder paint whilst listening to some summer anthems, but it never fails to please! Bring some goggles; you might want to protect your eyes. Included as part of the Ultimate Events Package – so make sure you get yours secured for Summer 2024

What’s Included?

Entrance to the Kavos Powder Party
Drinks Deals
Entrance to the Official After Party @ Furture
One Free Bag of Powder Paint

Why Party Hard?

We have been doing this for years now and we bundle all the best events together into one simple affordable events package – the ultimate events package. The Kavos Powder Party really is a must and getting it in our package means you’ll save both time and money. Check out what previous customers say here


What happens at the Kavos powder party?

You’ll get a free bag of powder paint when you get into the venue. We’ve got DJs and hosts to keep you dancing all night as well as a photographer to capture it all. Saves you bringing your phone and possibly ruining it with powder paint.

What should I bring?

Only the essentials. You can keep everything in bum bags, plastic covers or in your pockets to keep them safe. We have a photographer if you want a pic but don’t fancy the risk of bringing your phone.

What To Bring?

You won’t need to bring anything apart from yourselves and other essential items. You can get plastic protectors on the strip for things like your phone. But we wouldn’t recommend just keeping things in your pockets as they may get damaged.

Will the powder paint get in my eyes?

The powder is non-toxic so if it does get in your eyes, it won’t harm you but it may feel uncomfortable. We promote bringing and wearing goggles or even sunglasses but it’s not compulsory.

Will the paint stain my clothes?

Yes, the paint will stain your garms so probably best to bring last year’s outfit you never wear anymore. Same goes for the shoes but be careful about wearing sandals or flip flops in big crowds of drunk people.

How much are drinks at the Kavos Powder Party?

Altantis is slightly more expensive than the strip with a minimum drink price being around 5 Euros. Since you’re so close to the strip, you can always pre drink there before heading to Altantis for the 12:00 start.

Holifest Kavos Powder Party Photos

Included in Ultimate Events Package

Ultimate Events Package 2023

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