Staying Safe on Holiday Abroad

Our destinations are renowned for welcoming thousands of young people each and every Summer and the local people and business love to welcome. We chose our destinations and event partners very carefully to ensure all of our guests are safe. We’ve put together this little guide to give you some top tips on how we ensure your safety but also how you and your friends can also ensure your safety.

Our Hotels & Events

We have very stringent requirements for all of our partners across all of our hotels and events. All of our hotels and events are quality tested to make sure they meet specific ABTA health and safety requirements. This ensures all safety risks are eliminated or as low as possible. We pride ourselves on our proven track record.

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It is very important to stay hydrated. The heat combined with drinking alcohol (responsibly) are sure combination for dehydration. So it’s very important to stay hydrated and drink water. Remember though, DO NOT drink the tap water. Most systems abroad aren’t as advanced, meaning the water may contain harmful bacteria that can make you ill. Always drink bottled water in our destinations.


Although we understand this is a party holiday, we encourage you to drink responsibly. Here are our alcohol top tips:

  • Local spirits may be stronger and affect you differently, we recommend paying that little bit extra for branded products.
  • Heat can enhance the effects of alcohol, stay hydrated and drink water in-between drinks.
  • Never leave drinks unattended or drink from drinks that are not your own.


Drugs are illegal in both the UK and in our destinations and we take the using drugs in our hotels and events very seriously. If you are caught using drugs you will be banned from all events for the rest of your holiday. Added to this, if you are caught by the police you may be arrested and charged in line with local laws.

Not only are drugs illegal they are also very dangerous. You may not know what you are buying or how you may react and this poses a serious risk for yourself and may put other holiday goers and our reps in uncomfortable situations. Don’t be that person.

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Electricity and Outlets

Most of our destinations are small Islands and their electricity systems are not as advanced as the UK. Be aware when using power outlet to plug appliances in safely and not overload them. Please also avoid electricity poles and circuit boxes when out and about.

Road Safety

Again, unlike the UK, road systems and walkways are not as developed. Paths can often have dips, cracks or holes that can be a trip hazard and cause injury. Always look where you’re going (which means no staring at your phones)!

Also be advised some places may not have pathways at all, which means you will need to walk at the side of the road. Stick to the sides and be aware of vehicles.

Natural Disasters

Although extremely rare, it is possible for natural disasters such as earthquakes, extreme storms & forest fires to happen within the destinations that we operate. We recommend signing up to UK government alerts for the country you are travelling to, as well as local authority alerts. Please follow all local instructions upon any natural disaster happening (although this is rare).

Quad Bikes & Extreme Sports

We advise against the use of all quad bikes/scooters etc and other extreme sports as they are dangerous and can cause serious injury. We also advise you to check your insurance policy, as most will not cover accidents that result from partaking in such activities.

Night Time at the Beach

After a few drinks it may seem like a good idea to head to the beach. However there a couple of reasons why this is not a good idea. The tide at night can be hard to judge, pair this with the drinking of alcohol, poses a serious risk. Plus, it has been known for thieves to operate at night at the beach, often stealing clothes and valuable items. We recommend not heading to the beach at all at night time, stick to during the day.


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