Everything You Need To Know About The Release of The Ultimate

Summer 2019 is approaching fast and your cries for tickets to the biggest and best events across Europe are being heard loud and clear – The Ultimate is coming.

The Party Hard Ultimate Events Package will contain everything you need to take your 2019 clubbing holiday from ordinary to extraordinary – and you can get your hands on one from the 18th of February, less than a week away! However, due to high demand for the event packages, this year we will be running different from previous years.

On the 18th of February, we will be releasing the first tier of event packages. The first tier is the one you want to snatch up, as they will be the cheapest you can buy The Ultimate from anywhere. However – we only have 3,000 spaces available at this discounted price, which we expect to sell out very quickly.

If you somehow miss out on the first tier, don’t worry! We have three more tiers lined up for release after the initial 3,000 spaces get booked up – but don’t wait til the last minute! Each tier is a little more expensive than the last, so getting your hands on a first tier space is in your best interest!

signup for ultimate events package orange button events 2019

But don’t stress! We have some tips and tricks for you all to get you prepared for the huge launch…

1. Sign Up to Priority

On the 18th of February, we will be giving all priority customers early access to The Ultimate. This will mean you will be able to purchase any Ultimate Events Package from any of our destinations AND you will be able to see each event for our clubbing destinations. And all before the public can have even a glance!

2. Turn on post notifications for us on Instagram

We will always update you guys live from Instagram, so turn on our notifications to make sure you are up to date with us at all times!

3. Keep an eye on your emails

If you’ve already booked your 2019 clubbing holiday with Party Hard Travel, then don’t sweat! We will contact all our current holiday guests with details on how to upgrade to The Ultimate if they wish. This will be via email and you may also get a message from us on Facebook or Whatsapp.

4. Have your £30 deposits ready!

Don’t forget you will only need £30 to reserve your space on The Ultimate! You will be able to pay off your events package flexibly up until 2 weeks before you go – leaving you more time to anticipate your holiday and less time to stress about event tickets!