Bora Bora Hotel Malta

Malta Exclusive Launch Offer – Up To 50% Off

Malta has officially launched and we’re kicking it off with the Ultimate offer JUST FOR YOU. How does a 7 night stay in the incredible Bora Bora Ibiza Malta Hotel with up to 50% off sound to you? Good right? Add in the Ultimate Events Package too and it’s a deal you really can’t resist. Prices start from just 199pp!

About the Hotel

Bora Bora opened its doors in 1982, and has since made its mark as one of the most famous beach clubs and resorts. It’s no wonder it’s so popular with party-goers when all the best clubs and events are moments away. Not to mention the stunning golden beaches. Bora Bora Malta is made up of three 4-star venues, filled with pools (and pool parties), restaurants, bars and even clubs! This really is the ultimate holiday resort, and with 1 wristband, you can experience it all

Located in the heart of St. Paul’s Bay, this swanky resort with 229 rooms is the home to hundreds of party-goers every summer. It has absolutely everything – an outdoor arena, 2 clubs, a pub, a restaurant, pools, a jacuzzi and a fitness centre – what more could you ask for? With a package wristband you can make the most of all this resort has to offer. Free breakfast, free use of the gym & pool on top of access to events at the resort. Get the most out of your party holiday!

Room Types

The Malta Ultimate Events Package

Worth £275 and included with this exclusive launch offer


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