Party Hard At The Zoo: Malia - Party Hard Travel



Prepare yourself this summer, for Party Hard is bringing the jungle to Malia. We give you the sun, the booze and the top hits, all you need is to unleash your inner wild side! Bring along your paint and glitter to apply your animal war-paint and dress up. So if you want to be apart of the biggest jungle party this summer 2018, Malia is the place to be; it’s time to gather the pack.

Day: Tuesday, Time: To Be Confirmed, Place: To Be Confirmed, Worth: £20, Event package: £129

 What’s included?

• Jungle themed venue

Welcome To The Jungle is included in the Party Hard Malia Events Package as standard – we only include the biggest events so we couldn’t miss out on the biggest there is could we?!

So search now to find your perfect Lads and Girls Malia holiday and get your ticket confirmed on the hottest event of the summer!