Malia Event Calendar - June 2018 - Party Hard Travel


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June is the opening month to the Party Hard Summer, and the opening acts last year were getting us so excited with the likes of Nathan Dawe @ Apollo, Blonde and Tom Zanetti @ Candy Club. This year is looking to be jam packed with surprises so keep an eye on the Malia June 2018 Event Calendar to stay updated on all of the big announcements for Malia 2018. 

(click on the event you want and it will take you to a page with more information)

1st June: Malia Pool Party 2nd June: Paint Glow 3rd June: Full Moon Party 3rd June: Malia Booze Cruise 7th June: Malia Booze Cruise 8th June: Malia Pool Party 9th June: Paint Glow 10th June: Full Moon Party 10th June: Malia Booze Cruise 14th June: Booze Cruise 15th June: Malia Pool Party 16th June: Paint Glow 17th June: Full Moon Party 17th June: Malia Booze Cruise 21st June: Booze Cruise 22nd June: Pool Party 23rd June: Paint Glow 24th June: Full Moon Party 24th June: Booze Cruise 28th June: Booze Cruise 29th June: Pool Party 30th June: Paint Glow Party

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