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All Night Free Bar with MCP


MCP stands for the Magaluf Club Pass and it's for all the free living Party Hard clubbers. With access to 6 huge clubs in Magaluf including; Bananas, Boomerang, Carwash, Honeys, Tokio Joe’s and the Pre Club Bar called Icon AND a 6 hour free bar this is the ultimate pass to let you enjoy the strip in freedom. Here at Party Hard we know that some clubs just are simply not people's cup of tea, so not only are you saving a huge amount of money, but you can decide on where you want to spend your night! Or club crawl from each club for the huge Party Hard clubbers! 

Day: Any Night, Time: 11:30pm, Place: 6 of the biggest club/bars, Worth: £45, Event package: £129

 What’s included?

• Access to 5 Clubs
• 6 hour free Bar
• On One day only

So search now to find your perfect Lads and Girls Magaluf holiday and get your ticket confirmed on the hottest event of the summer!