Magaluf June 2018 Events Calendar

June kicked off a crazy summer for us in Magaluf last year, Maga 2019 looks set to be the biggest ever! Messy days on the Sunset Booze Cruise – Party Hard Magaluf are taking your summer to the next level. Events for Magaluf summer 2019, but in the meantime, check out the calendar below for the events of Magaluf 2018.

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2nd June: Pool Party2nd June: Sunset Booze Cruise3rd June: Full Moon Party6th June: Sunset Booze Cruise9th June: Pool Party9th June: Sunset Booze Cruise10th June: Full Moon Party13th June: Sunset Booze Cruise16th June: Magaluf Pool Party16th June: Sunset Booze Cruise20th June: Magaluf Club Pass MCP Paint Party20th June: Sunset Booze Cruise23rd June: Magaluf Pool Party21st June: Magaluf Club Pass MCP Paint Party24th June: Full Moon Party27th June: Magaluf Club Pass MCP Paint Party27th June: Sunset Booze Cruise28th June: Magaluf Club Pass MCP Paint Party30th June: Magaluf Pool Party30th June: Sunset Booze Cruise