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August this year is shaping up to be the biggest yet! With the likes of Ramz, Joel Corry, DJ Luck and MC Neat, and Philip George announced for Club Trinity, you know it’s going to be a good summer! Mix in some epic pool parties and the messiest paint party in Europe, Kavos 2018 is going to be HUGE. Check out the events calendar featuring our August 2018 line-up.

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1st August: RAMZ Club Trinity 2nd August: Kavos Booze Cruise 2nd August: Holi Powder Party 2nd August: The White Party 3rd August: Champagne Spray Party 3rd August: Party Hard At The Zoo4th August: Super Paint Party 6th August: Future Club Night 7th August: Baywatch Pool Party 8th August: Phillip George Club Trinity 9th August: Holi Powder Party 9th August: Booze Cruise 9th August: The White Party 10th August: Party Hard At The Zoo 10th August: Champagne Spray Party 11th August: Super Paint Party 13th August: Future Club Night 14th August: Baywatch Pool Party 15th August: Dapper Laughs Club Trinity 16th August: Holi Powder Party 16th August: Booze Cruise 16th August: The White Party 17th August: Champagne Spray Party 17th August: Party Hard At The Zoo18th August: Super Paint Party 20th August: Future Club Night 21st August: Baywatch Pool Party 22nd August: SKT Club Trinity 23rd August: Holi Powder Party 23rd August: Kavos Booze Cruise 23rd August: The White Party 24th August: Party Hard At The Zoo 24th August: Champagne Spray Party 25th August: Super Paint Party 27th August: Future Club Night 28th August: Baywatch Pool Party 29th August: Jamie Duggan Club Trinity 30th August: Holi Powder Party 30th August: Kavos Booze Cruise 30th August: The White Party 31st August: Champagne Spray Party 31st August: Party Hard At The Zoo

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