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Some of you might be thinking that a week or two away just isn’t enough and want to spend some more time out in these epics party places. But not many of us have the cash for a three month holiday! So why not work over there? Spend your summer in the sun and experience absolutely everything the resort has to offer! You can come join our Party Hard Teams in resort!

We are recruiting for our Summer 2021 Overseas Teams. We are looking for team members who are looking to expand their knowledge, get some valuable experience across different sectors of the business, enhance Innovation, and overall have the best summer of their lives.

Last Minute Questions

What To Expect?

The best Summer of your life! Living in the sunshine, working and living with great people and partying every night, aka living the dream! No matter which resort you head to you can guarantee it’s going to be HOT. You’ll not only come back with mates for life after a season, you’ll have the best tan with some epic tales to tell your mates at home.

When should I arrive?

We start season from the first of June but start sending staff over from the middle of May.

Will I get any nights off?

With us, you work 6 days a week with one off, but days and night are on a flexible rota, therefore, sometimes you will work in the day and sometimes night time. It just depends on what events are running.

What types of jobs?

Our summer placements are specifically for our Party Hard Brand Ambassadors; this involves working in hotels and events providing the best customer service to ensure guests have the best week of their lives.

However, this covers many different aspects of the job role, some examples of the key areas can be found below;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Relations
  • Hotel chains
  • Supply networks
  • Event Management
  • Leadership
  • Teamworking
  • Finance
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

We are also hiring Photographers, Videographers, Dancers, and Digital Marketers.

How much will I get paid?

This is dependant on which destination you are working in. All of our staff receive accommodation, a basic wage plus commission. The harder you work the more money you will make! We pay fortnightly or monthly dependant on destination.

Will I get free drinks whilst working?

This is a given; we wouldn’t be a very good Party Hard Team if you couldn’t drink. However, you are responsible for hundreds of party goers, therefore, drinks allowances are restricted while on shift.

How easy is it to get a job?

We do not want candidates who are looking for an ‘extended Party Hard holiday’. This role includes serious responsibilities! We want candidates who are looking for career growth and experiences through us. Don’t get us wrong it is an amazing job and will be the summer of your life but you can’t be a Party Harder for 3 months straight!

What hours will I have to work?

The hours range every week as to different events team members will work, the average is 8 hours a day with breaks between.

What qualities do I need?

You need to be good with people, great at building relationships, and a overall friendly person who is not phased by late nights and early mornings.

Where will I live?

In one of our Party Hard Apartments of course; some will be private accommodation and some will be in the Party Hard Hotels with the Guests, dependant on destination.

By yourself or with mates?

Most of our team members will apply and do the placement alone, but when you are living and working together in destination you will find the resort will become your second home and your team your second family very quickly.

Spending money

You will be paid two weeks to one month in arrears, therefore, we suggest coming out with some spending money for your first few weeks. However, you will receive meal and drink allowances also so not to worry about saving loads!

Phones abroad

Most UK phones can be used as normal at no extra cost in Europe. Anything to do with the job role will be fulfilled on the work phone so you will only use your own for personal matters.

Travel Insurance/Visa to work?

This is all covered under our contracts; we provide your travel insurance and your working papers.

When having a bad day

At some point you’ll likely have a bad day or two. Without getting deep or cheesy, don’t give up. Your mates are back in the UK doing the same thing in their groggy 9-5 whereas you are experiencing some amazing things and being a part of a team, in which you are creating the best weeks of people’s lives! Remember it’s better to have a bad day in the summer sun by the sea than at home!

Pre-travel checklist

Passport – has to be valid for the entire season.
Flight Tickets – You are required to buy flights out and we will reimburse you once the length of the contract has been fulfilled.
Money – a pre-paid currency card is a good idea.

I still need more information!

Make sure you read through everything on the Sign Up Page. You can also drop us an email on [email protected] or give us a call on 0203 627 4443.