Tomas George

Graphic Design

Hi, i’m Tomas, graphic designer at Party Hard and based in London. I’m in charge of visual branding of Party Hard, making sure our holidays looks as incredible as they actually are! My likes include stepping off the plane in Ibiza and that first night out after weeks of counting down. Dislikes include cold British weather and how happy Nathan is before 9am 😅

Favourite part of your job:
Working with our photographers to capture all your best party holiday moments for use in out promotional work.

Favourite moment of Summer 18:
Double the amount of Party Harder’s in resort

What is your favourite event:
Ocean Beach, Ibiza

What are you looking forward to in Summer 19:
Launching all of our new material for Summer 19. There is some great stuff in the pipeline. I can’t wait!

Favourite social post of the summer: